1. It doesn’t help you get pregnant faster.

This myth was born due to the fact that the position involves deep penetration, that is, the sperm gets closer to the cervix. But this does not mean at all that the chances are increasing!


2. And it also does not affect the sex of the child

The old myth that you can conceive a boy in this position also has no basis. No technology can make sperm with different sets of chromosomes move in the same way. So the chance of giving birth to a boy is 50%, crossing the fingers gives the same “guarantee” as a certain position.

3. This is the favorite pose of Americans.

If you believe the number of search queries, it is doggy style that is mentioned in them most often. And it’s even good!

4. This is the second most dangerous position.

The first place is occupied by the “rider”. We are talking, of course, about injuries to the penis. According to one Brazilian study, doggy style is responsible for 28% of penile injuries (and about half of cowgirl!). True, it is actually impossible to break an organ, but to dislocate it is completely.


5. This is one of the positions “behind”

This group also includes poses “down dog”, froggy-style and “reverse rider”. So if the regular variation doesn’t suit you, you can put a pillow under your stomach or take a seat on a chair.

6. She is very ancient

Rapper Snoop Dogg wasn’t the first to talk about her back in 1992. The ancient Greeks and Romans drew and wrote about her, and the philosopher Lucretius even recommended her to those who wanted to conceive a child (but, as you already know, there is no evidence).

7. Songs are written about her

There are more than 1,600 songs in English music alone that mention doggy-style poses! A few examples: “PIMP” (50 cent), “The Bad Touch” (Bloodhound Gang), “Back That Thing Up” (Justin Moore).


8. If you’re in pain, there are options.

Some women experience discomfort due to deep penetration. Ask him to reduce the pressure a little and try to change the angle. Go lower or rise higher, move your hips – there is an option!

9. It’s called doggy…

But many animals use it: horses, camels, giraffes, elephants. But whales, dolphins, spiders – never. Primates have diversity.

10. Not just regular sex

In this position, anal is quite comfortable, and you can also do cunnilingus.