We write so often about how to recognize that there are problems in your relationship that material on how to make sure that you are in a strong normal relationship is rare. We will tell you how to understand that your partner is a great person and you have an exemplary relationship.

10 Signs You're in a Healthy Sexual Relationship


Let’s be honest – it’s not scary not to collect 10 out of 10, but a confident eight is already a good result.


  1. Your sex always happens with the consent and desire of both parties. Of course, it happens that one of you is too lazy and doesn’t really want to, but in the process, you both wind up. This is fine. It is not normal if one of you clearly does not want to, while the other continues to insist.
  2. You can say “no” at any time, and your partner will hear and stop. You are already a big girl and do not believe in men’s fairy tales that they cannot get out if they start. He himself laughs at this myth!
  3. You don’t do things in bed that you don’t like or that hurt. Yes, there are things that sometimes we do solely to please a partner. But it is important that it is mutual. A guy who wants a blowjob should be able to give great cunnilingus.
  4. You can always openly talk about your desires without fear of being ridiculed or humiliated.
  5. You will listen to your partner if he decides to tell you about his fantasies.
  6. Sometimes you may not have sex for weeks – and this is absolutely normal. And sometimes you do it every day – and that’s cool too.
  7. You trust your partner and do not suspect him of cheating, and he treats you the same way. Jealousy is an unhealthy feeling.
  8. He is not afraid of the sight of your pads or hair in intimate places. We are already big boys and girls, and we are not embarrassed by such trifles.
  9. You both get enough of the amount of sex that you have. It is not enough of it, whether it is a lot – it does not matter, it is important that both of you have enough.
  10. You don’t fake an orgasm.