Yesterday we discussed which gentlemen to stay away from. From whom to expect miracles? Everyday manners of a man will tell you if there is a high probability that he will turn out to be the best lover in the world for you.

10 signs you won't regret inviting him into your bedroom

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  1. He treats all women with respect. No one has ever met a misogynist who was good in bed. You can hope for good sex with a man who has friends among women, who is on good terms with his mother and takes care of his sisters, and who will never be rude to the lady seller or waitress.
  2. He is interested in your opinion – and not just for the sake of appearances, but really listens to you. Most likely, he will listen to you in the bedroom (bathroom, on the rug in the hallway).
  3. He loves to try new food = He likes to try new things in bed. If you managed to persuade him to try your pancakes with julienne and pineapples with pomegranate sauce, consider that he is the same adventurer as you are and is open to experiments in everything.
  4. When he touches you in the most innocent way, you get goosebumps of excitement. And he does this at every opportunity: either he fixes a strand of your hair that has fallen out, or he supports it under your elbow … This means: there is chemistry between you, and you have chosen a partner you will not forget.
  5. If you like each other’s scent — you can say the same thing.
  6. He generously leaves for tea. Generous people are generous in everything. With a high degree of probability, he will be generous with affection.
  7. He is a good dancer. Trite, but often true. It doesn’t matter if a person has learned to dance or not, but if he owns his body, then he owns it in any situation.
  8. He doesn’t brag. Stories about mattress exploits are the lot of losers.
  9. He is a flexible person. That is, not only physically (which in itself is not bad and promising), but psychologically. It is not only difficult to communicate with a stubborn and conservative person – it is difficult to induce him to at least some improvisation in the intimate sphere.
  10. His life path was not strewn with rose petals alone, he had to make his way through the windbreak. A person who has experienced adversity and overcome difficulties cannot be called spoiled and pampered. And he used to work to achieve the goal. Including if this goal is your orgasm.