Attention, care and respect that a man shows towards you at first does not guarantee that he will turn out to be a super lover – but they give hope for this. And vice versa: do not expect miracles from a rude and egocentric person. It’s easy to see that you’re only wasting your time if…

10 Signs He's Bad in Bed

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  1. He is up to his ears in his smartphone / computer and pays more attention to him than to you. This is a common problem of our time, but if he is constantly more interested in the button accordions that his friend posted than the girl who sits next to him, do not expect him to devote himself entirely to your orgasm at night. Good sex is unlimited time and attention given to each other. He is not capable of one who can not wait to finish as soon as possible and slip away from the damned real.
  2. When you ask him to stop doing something, he thinks it’s fun to keep doing it out of spite, or even start doing it even more intensely. (I would have introduced a law: cracked my knuckles – a year of probation. They asked me not to crackle, but he continues – a life sentence.) Well, how can such a clever man be trusted in bed? It’s just not safe.
  3. He’s too concerned about how cool he looks. And in bed, he will be more worried about whether he managed to make a cool face, and not about whether you managed to have fun with him.
  4. He wears his penis like a hand-written sack. You still had nothing, and he, as if by chance, boasted to you of the size of his dignity. If it comes to intimacy, he, so be it, will allow you to please himself – that’s all love. Such a guy demotes himself to the level of a tick that you can put on the list of love victories. (“I had one … The household is as thick as my wrist, count!”). And you can not bet.
  5. You date him and you still have no idea if he thinks you’re beautiful. If he does not care about complimenting you and boosting your self-esteem, then he is unlikely to think about your psychological comfort even in bed.
  6. He treats you with no respect. Can humiliate in front of friends, rudely criticizes, allows himself stupid misogynistic statements like “Be quiet, woman, your day is the Eighth of March.” It is clear that he behaves like a complete boor and misogynist in the bedroom.
  7. He never asks you about you. If he doesn’t care how your day went, then what difference does it make to him how your night goes.
  8. You just kissed for the first time, and he is already reaching for your panties. I doubt very much that from a guy who is hurried like an eighth grader, you can expect unearthly bliss.
  9. He often does not know what to say and how to answer a question. At first, this is forgivable: maybe he is so in love that he is speechless in your presence. But if he mumbles through life and cannot come up with anything interesting, most likely he will turn out to be just as slow in bed, incapable of improvisation, not knowing what to do, and not understanding what he wants.
  10. He is a bad kisser, although you have already tried to show him how pleased you are, but he still did not learn anything. If you decide that all is not lost yet, be patient along the way.