1. He never dates before 11 p.m.

It looks like he’s just trying to avoid a “real” date with you.


2. He’s incredibly superficial

Absolutely everything, from clothes to hobbies. Also selfish and narcissistic.

3. He doesn’t like to talk to you.

When you are not having sex, he silently watches TV. All your communication happens through his penis.

4. All his compliments are about your body.

He never praised you for your actions, but he notes the size of your chest and the length of your legs.

5. All your dates are at his house.

And he always comes up with new excuses not to go anywhere.

6. Your relationship is not progressing.

He will never ask you to go to a party with him or visit his parents.

7. He boasted to his friends about having sex with you.

And, what is disgusting, in every detail. Or even showed them your intimate photos.


8. He leaves if you’re not in the mood.

If he sees that sex does not shine for him today, or you are sick, he is not going to spend time with you.

9. He tries to subdue you

And rudely persuading you into anal sex is not the worst thing.

10. He doesn’t respect you

He flirts with other women or even cheats, and also ignores you for several days.