How to assess whether you have quality sex? Everyone has their own rating scale, but men often give great tips on how to make a good impression!

Rhythm and excitement: 10 revelations of men about what good sex is like

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  1. “If she shows enthusiasm, enjoys herself, makes voluptuous sounds, or at least looks in love, then the sex was a success. I try to do the same.” Igor, 26 years old
  2. “For me, good sex is when we both like what is happening, between us a special connection and energy is in full swing. In general, if she has a good time, I have a good time, then everything is fine with us.” Denis, 30 years old
  3. “People who care about each other, study each other and enjoy life together, show the highest class in bed. And if they also kiss and laugh, then few will get to them! More precisely, to us.” Oleg, 35 years old
  4. “In good sex, it’s important to pay attention to your partner’s cues about what works and what doesn’t. I am generally quite stingy with sounds during sex, so I try to show what I like without moans and screams. The main thing is to be clear.” Andrey, 27 years old
  5. “It is important that the girl takes part in the action on a par with me.” Egor, 29 years old
  6. “I can’t describe it in words, but I always know when that moment comes. She gets an orgasm, relaxes, I am also overwhelmed with pleasant sensations, we lie in bed and chat, feeling mutual attraction. In general, it’s not so much about the act itself, how much in his context.” Yury, 30 years old
  7. “Passion, lightness in the body, attention to a partner, discussion of desires … Many options are good.” Dmitry, 28 years old
  8. “I love it when a woman initiates sex and says exactly what she wants. Every person dreams of being desired, and it is important for me that she is properly aroused.” Alexey, 25 years old
  9. “She makes a special face, she catches her breath, and her legs tremble slightly … So everything worked out!” Maxim, 35 years old
  10. “Our bodies catch one rhythm – and everything works out. If something goes wrong, the rhythm is broken, she imitates an orgasm – it means nothing happened.” Yaroslav, 32 years old.