10 reasons to have regular sex

10 reasons to have regular sex

It has long been no secret that sex plays a very important role in human life. This is confirmed by the results of numerous studies in this area by scientists and psychologists from around the world. But regular sex, useful for psychological and physical health, requires the presence of a permanent partner with whom a trusting relationship has been established. But the frequent change of partners, even with regular sex, can turn into a completely different side of the coin, because the risk of receiving a bouquet of sexually transmitted diseases as a gift increases many times in such cases. Therefore, inspired by the listed discoveries of scientists about the benefits of regular sex, you should not forget about caution.

1. Regular sex is a natural immune stimulant.

During sex, the body produces immunoglobulin A – antibodies that help fight infections and increase immunity.

2. Regular sex is a real elixir of youth for the soul and for the body.

During sex, the production of collagen, a substance that prevents skin aging, increases. An increase in the level of the hormone estrogen also has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair. Regular sex in women prevents the early onset of menopause, and for men it allows you to maintain vigor and activity for a long time.

3. Regular sex is one of the most formidable weapons in the fight against stress.

Sex reduces the level of stress hormones. Studies have shown that people who are sexually active are much calmer in stressful situations, which makes them much more effective in coping with such situations.

4. Regular sex – prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Regular sex helps cleanse the lymphatic system and produce many essential hormones and substances, strengthen the tissues of the cardiovascular system. All this reduces the risk of a heart attack by almost half, and also contributes to the prevention of stroke.

5. Regular sex is a simple and effective way to improve memory and attention.

Regular sex stimulates blood flow to the brain. Combined with an increase in hormone production, this improves memory, helps eliminate distraction, and, as some studies show, even increases the level of intelligence. 6. Regular sex is a natural antidepressant.

During an orgasm, endorphins are released – “happiness hormones”. Endorphins have a huge number of beneficial properties. And in the fight against depression, endorphins have no equal at all, because, unlike chemical antidepressants, endorphins do not have side effects, do not cause addiction, do not destroy the body, but, on the contrary, strengthen the immune system, increase activity, and cause a feeling of joy and happiness.

7. Regular sex is a weapon against complexes.

Research confirms that regular sex increases self-esteem and self-confidence. People suffering from complexes, when a permanent partner appears, change their attitude towards themselves, become more calm and confident.

8. Regular sex is a pleasant way to keep your figure and muscles in good shape.

During sexual intercourse, you can lose the same amount of calories as with a half-hour workout in the gym. In addition, regular sex strengthens the muscles, including the back, makes them more flexible and elastic.

9. Regular sex – prevention of diseases of the genitourinary system.

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During sex, blood circulation in the pelvic organs improves, and the activity of the hormonal system is also regulated. This contributes to the prevention of painful menstruation in women, and in men it is the prevention of prostate cancer. Also, regular sex improves muscle tone, which subsequently prevents incontinence problems.

10. Regular sex – contributes to career success.

Of course, all the benefits of regular sex cannot but affect your career. However, an active, self-confident employee who is able to quickly assess the situation and make the right decision is always valued more and inspires favor with superiors and colleagues.