1. It helps you have more orgasms

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According to statistics, women around the world experience far fewer orgasms than men. It’s unfair, so masturbation helps close that gap.


2. Because it requires your own room

Well, or at least a personal space where you can retire and relax properly.

3. It helps you feel independent.

After all, you can get an orgasm when you want it, and not when your partner is in the right mood, or the stars are lucky. Now everything is literally in your hands.

4. It Helps You Master the Technique

Statistics show that thousands of women search Google every day for “how to masturbate properly.” Which means two things: a lot of women don’t know how to please themselves, but want to learn.

5. It helps you feel more comfortable

Most of us do not feel comfortable being alone. Masturbation, on the contrary, allows you to seize the right moment and focus on pleasure.


6. It helps to make sure that orgasm is possible without penetration.

Of course, you can use a dildo, but for most of us, clitoral stimulation is enough to cum. When you know your body, you will feel more confident about sex by helping your partner please you.


7. It will help you feel more focused.

An orgasm causes your brain to release dopamine, which helps you make better decisions. It also stimulates creativity, makes you more energetic and focused.

8. Because people think it’s a man’s job

Masturbation is considered a traditionally male activity, which they enjoy every chance they get.


9. It’s an essential part of taking care of yourself.

The health benefits of masturbation are numerous: it boosts the immune system, helps prevent cervical cancer and urinary tract infections, fights stress and depression, tones the pelvic muscles, relieves cramps and back pain, acts as a sleep aid, and may even make you less prone to heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

10. It helps to feel the strength of the female body.

Unlike men, women can have multiple orgasms, but few people use this supernatural ability. If you have sex with a man, you may come once or twice, but when you masturbate, there is no limit to your abilities.

For example, the winner of the “orgasm marathon” in 2009, which took place in Denmark, managed to achieve 226 orgasms per day with the help of masturbation. The male winner showed only 8 orgasms. So why not take advantage of this?