Each of us had such ex-sex when he stopped by to pick up things, and you accidentally opened a bottle of wine, and he accidentally opened up, and you accidentally ended up in the bedroom … Stop! Before it gets into you, run through this checklist.

10 questions to ask yourself before sleeping with your ex


  1. And do I need it? We advise you to ask yourself this question not only before sex with an ex, but before any sex, and not even just sex. Try to be aware of what you will gain (pleasure, for example, is no worse motivation) and what you will lose. Like with a cupcake: eat a cupcake – it will be good, but then you are a little ashamed that it was not a carrot.
  2. Will it get worse for me? Take care of yourself and your emotional health. How will you feel after you have sex again? Won’t it bring back old memories, won’t you want to get back together with him? (Bad idea).
  3. And was he good? Well, let’s look at the situation from a practical point of view. Is he worth your attention as a lover? Get involved in this story only if you are sure that he will give you a couple of dizzying orgasms. Otherwise, the game is not worth the candle.
  4. Is he sure it’s not contagious? Sorry for such straightforwardness, but if you are no longer together, then with a high probability he already had someone, and maybe more than one. So whatever you decide, don’t forget about safety.
  5. Do I want sex? Do I want it? Do I want to eat? Sometimes this happens out of habit. You know, when you don’t seem to want to eat, but your hand reaches for a candy, just to keep yourself occupied. Make sure this is not the case. Sex is worth being relaxed and joyful, and not moving like an automaton, just for show.
  6. Do I need sex or intimacy? You must be aware that he is no longer your man. We know how difficult it can be to admit this fact, but sometimes it is a matter of necessity. Ask yourself if you just want to enjoy familiar sex or if you want to feel close to this person again.
  7. I want this to happen just once? If one-time sex is enough for you, then go ahead with the song. But if you’re planning on making this a regular event… Please change your mind! Intimate relationships with an ex, no matter how good they may be at first, pull you into the past. And you need to look to the future.
  8. What will it give me? Try to imagine what you will feel after sex, answer yourself the question, why bother doing this at all.
  9. What speaks in me: passion or habit? Often we have sex with an ex-boyfriend, not because we can’t resist and burn with passion, but simply because we know exactly how it will be. The familiar is always calmer than something new. Now you can just relax and enjoy.
  10. Isn’t it better to do the same with a vibrator? Well, honestly, wouldn’t it be funnier and freer with an electronic friend who doesn’t call a taxi after sex and make you do the same? And he does not get tired and never ends first.