We have generalized a little here, but in general, any person will be happy to hear this, whether it is a guy or a girl. Don’t forget to compliment your loved ones from time to time, and let some of them be spicy.

10 phrases every guy wants to hear in bed


  1. “I am now, I am now…” Don’t be shy – signal the moment when you are about to catch the most beautiful orgasm of your life. First, if he knows that you are “just about”, there will be no sudden stops or changes in rhythm. Secondly, believe me, he himself will go crazy with excitement when you say this.
  2. “I love your body.” It’s that simple. Tell me how much you like his hands, his neck, his abs… That you just love to look at him without clothes.
  3. “Let me see you there”. For some reason, people rarely consider the genitals of their lovers, but in vain – this is an intimate process, but very exciting. We may often compliment our partners, but how often do we tell them that we like them everywhere, including between our legs?
  4. “I want you so much!” Don’t be afraid to be trite or act like you’re on a romantic show – what happens between the two of you stays between the two of you, don’t be afraid to be funny.
  5. “Even my toes are twitching”. And no, not from the fact that they cramped, but from pleasure!
  6. “Say something else, I immediately get wet from it”. Let him know that it’s not just his actions that turn you on, but the sound of his voice, especially when it’s right in your ear. (In such conversations, words such as “mortgage” should be avoided.)
  7. “Can you make it as cool as last time?” Let him know how great it can be for you – so great that you go crazy with the desire to repeat the past successful experience.
  8. “Do with me what you want”. Guys love it when they are given freedom in choosing the position and type of caresses. Of course, this does not oblige you to anything, but maybe if you are a fan of tight control, it will not hurt you to relax and let go of the situation a little too.
  9. “I’ll do whatever I want with you.” And no, this joke should not end with him washing the dishes and mopping the floors. Guys often keep their finger on the pulse in bed and are at the helm all the time. Change the disposition, let him feel relaxed, as if he came to the spa.
  10. “I just couldn’t wait for you.” Then start undressing him. Sometimes you need to act, not talk.