“Sometimes she says in bed: “My ex liked the way I did it.” Damn it, what difference does it make to me what some guy thought! Why does she mention him at all?”

“I hate it when they meet with friends and at the same time squeal like crazy when they see each other!”

“When women on a date go too far in an effort to appear incredibly sexy, it starts to look ridiculous!”

“I can’t stand it when my bathroom is left with a bunch of hair. Why can’t they just quietly clean up after themselves?

“It annoys me when women act stupid!”

“I don’t like it when she chews and slurps too loudly at dinner…”

“I hate it when women smoke!”

“She keeps telling me that I ‘must do’ something. Well, like, take out the trash, because, you see, this is what men should do. Phew, what nonsense!”

“I don’t like it when women have weird tattoos. Because of this, I sometimes feel embarrassed about my wife on the beach … “

“Duckface doesn’t look sexy at all, contrary to what most girls think!”