Someone excites when a partner reacts quite noisily to his caresses. Someone is embarrassed. Author VOICE decided to take notes of his reflections during a stormy night.

Das ist fantastic: 10 men's thoughts about your loud moans

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  1. And I’m young-e-ets) She moans just like in porn. Class! Who is cool? I’m cool!
  2. It’s very exciting. Eh, this is too exciting. So, old man, control yourself.
  3. What if the neighbors hear? I’m afraid they won’t appreciate it. I wonder at what point they will move from “Wow!” to “Damn, how long have they been there?”?
  4. Worse if their offspring hear. Somehow it will be inconvenient. I wonder how many parents have we now forced to have unplanned conversations on the topic “where do children come from”? Okay, let’s say something.
  5. Wait, what if people think I’m killing her? What would I think if I lived behind a wall and did not know what was really going on here?
  6. We just don’t have enough police. But some clever man may turn up who will call 02. And if they actually kill, no one will move.
  7. Damn, well, right in the ear, why?
  8. Is she pretending? How is it with Vishnevsky: “I didn’t love you the way you moaned…” It’s starting to sound a little overbearing.
  9. On the other hand, why not assume that I really am that good?
  10. Well, finished and shut up. And immediately it became so quiet … Next time, turn on the music, or what?