Sex with a new partner is always a challenge. You don’t know each other’s preferences yet, and the first sex can be very weird. And how to understand which of you is more experienced, how does this manifest itself? Here’s what the men say.

Race at high speeds: 10 opinions of men about experienced women in sex


  1. “An experienced woman knows what she wants – and how exactly. She is not afraid to voice her desires in such a way that it is clear. And many are shy, and it turns out some kind of nonsense. I’m ready for anything, as long as she feels good.” Anton , 30 years
  2. “A woman with experience is not shy about trying new things and talking about what she doesn’t like. You don’t need to set boundaries with her – they already exist.” Oleg, 25 years old
  3. “If something strange happened and she laughs and doesn’t make it the problem of the century, then she has experience.” Mikhail, 30 years old.
  4. “Experience is not only about the number of partners. My girlfriend was a virgin, but she knew exactly what she wanted, and that’s great.” Eugene, 32 years old
  5. “Sex with an experienced partner is like racing at high speed, where you are not afraid to try new trajectories. And the inexperienced expects you to do everything well, but she does nothing herself. Denis, 35 years old
  6. “Experience has nothing to do with what a person is like in bed. I had different options. Unless an experienced girl is not embarrassed to undress.” Victor, 29 years old
  7. “Experienced women often rely on what has worked with their ex, and I like to come up with something of my own.” Igor, 30
  8. “I think it’s important to understand that sex isn’t always perfect. If she understands that, great; if she doesn’t, then it looks weird. It’s an important part of the sexual experience.” Maxim, 35
  9. “An experienced woman knows that with different partners you can behave differently, and do not rely on one strategy.” Kirill, 26 years old
  10. “For me, the difference is that the inexperienced says: “Bad”, and the experienced: “Bad, but I know how to fix it.” Although usually everything is fine!” Jan, 32