And if the idea of ​​erotic gifts has not crossed your mind until now, now is the time to pay attention to the gadgets from the sex shop. Psychologists are sure that such a gift can transform a couple’s sex life, and make relationships with friends more trusting. Of course, erotic cosmetics or toys should be given only to the closest people – a boyfriend, a girlfriend with whom you can discuss everything in the world, or even … to yourself.

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Not every girl will decide to give her beloved a gift from a sex shop, but the one who does this will certainly not regret it. The advantages are obvious: completely new sensations, the opportunity to better understand each other’s needs, realize the wildest fantasies and, in the end, become even closer than before. Moreover, the range of prices is so different that you can find a gift for any wallet. By the way, if you find it difficult to choose and your eyes widen, then the consultants of the Vsexshop.ru sex shop will help you choose the perfect gift.
one. Masturbator. Prices for expensive models start at about 15 thousand rubles, and you will have a huge choice – realistic 3D models of the female body, made of materials that feel as close as possible to human skin. Expensive masturbators can have several modes and a voice function, and you can adjust the volume and even connect the sound through headphones.
2. A set of masturbators with different effects. If you still don’t really understand what exactly your partner will like or want to try different options, you should choose budget sets. These gadgets are much cheaper (from 3-4 thousand per set) and give you the opportunity to try various effects – vaginal sex, oral sex, deep throat, anal sex.
3. vibrator for couples. The main feature of this gadget is that you can adjust the modes using the remote control, which means that you can enjoy it together.
four. Prostate massagers, strap-ons and vacuum pumps. These toys can give you a lot of pleasure, but not all men like them. Therefore, we advise you to choose such gadgets only if you are sure that your boyfriend will appreciate them. For example, if you have already talked about your erotic fantasies before and you know for sure that the guy does not mind trying a strapon.

And one more important life hack: no matter what gadget you choose, you should add a lubricant with an exciting, stimulating or prolonging effect to enhance the sensations.

Girls who love experiments will be delighted with an erotic gift. And for those who have not yet looked into the sex shop for various reasons, new sensations are guaranteed.
one. Vacuum clitoris stimulator. This is one of the most popular gadgets that allows you to enhance the sensations during sex and make orgasms brighter and more intense. Almost a win-win. If you don’t know exactly about your friend’s addictions, start with this toy.
2. Vibrating clitoral stimulator. Another classic gadget that every girl will appreciate. If your friend doesn’t mind a joke, you can choose funny models in the form of bunnies, elephants, penguins or even lipstick.
3. Lubricants. Exciting, stimulating, prolonging, classic – modern lubricants open up a lot of opportunities for experimentation. If you choose a set of lubricants for a friend, buy another one for yourself right away – there will be an opportunity to compare the sensations.
four. Classic vibrators and dildos. Also a great option for a gift, but in good stores there is such a huge variety of types, shapes and sizes that it would be wise to first discuss with a friend what exactly she likes.

Why not be a goldfish for yourself before the New Year and fulfill your most cherished desires? No one knows better than you what you dream about. So why not move from dreaming to action? Choose what your body needs, whether it’s an anal toy, a powerful vibrator or a nipple stimulator.
one. rabbit vibrator for complete enjoyment. Such toys are designed for double stimulation and provide very intense sensations. It is worth choosing gadgets that have several modes of vibration and pulsation, and if the model is waterproof, it can even be used in the shower.
2. G-spot stimulator. If until now you were sure that the G-spot is a lie and a myth, you urgently need such a stimulant to finally discover and awaken it. And if you have found a magic point for a long time, you need it all the more to enhance the sensations.
3. clitoral stimulator. You can choose a classic vibrator or a non-contact stimulator that acts on the clitoral zone with soft pulsations, or a vacuum massager. To make the right choice, read the description of different models on the site – the information is so detailed that it is impossible to make a mistake.
four. Lubricants. Nothing diversifies the sensations of sex like lubricants. Some excite, others stimulate, others prolong sexual intercourse, others allow you to experience the pleasure of anal sex. You probably know what exactly you lack – choose!