Of course, we often write about oral sex, secrets and important knowledge that help lovers achieve maximum pleasure. But we decided to ask our readers what they would like to know before giving their first blowjob. And this is what they told us!

10 facts about oral sex, which were told by our readers

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  1. The penis doesn’t have eyes, so its owner won’t be able to tell the difference between your throat and palate. Because all the surfaces of your mouth, except for the teeth, of course, feel exactly the same to the touch.
  2. The penis can’t get wet on its own, so either take care of lubricating it or drench it liberally with saliva during blowjobs.
  3. You can use your hands when your mouth needs a little rest. In addition, massaging the penis with your hands will give you more pleasure and speed up the finale.
  4. If you suddenly accidentally touch the penis with your teeth, nothing particularly terrible will happen. Of course, it will be unpleasant, but don’t think about it.
  5. Sometimes the penis does not smell very good, but this is only because its owner does not care about his own hygiene. The crotch gets sweaty too, so invite him to take a shower together.
  6. Penises that look small sometimes become quite menacing in the mouth. Why is this happening? How to know!
  7. A blowjob is not at all a magic button that makes him cum right now. While men love it, the process will inevitably take some time.
  8. This can be a great foreplay for men. Not all blowjobs have to end in ejaculation, so warm it up and move on to other fun.
  9. You don’t have to give blowjobs to get cunnilingus. And if otherwise he categorically refuses to please you, do not waste time on him.
  10. If you enjoy a blowjob, it does not mean at all that you are a lustful harlot, and vice versa. You just make a man happy.