Meanwhile, American scientists have found ten more rather curious facts about BDSM!


1. BDSM has been popular for a long time.

According to the study, in the XVIII century throughout Europe there were many brothels that actively provided the services of all kinds of corporal punishment: flogging, bondage and other favorite disciplines.

2. BDSM lovers are more open people

Adherents of BDSM are extroverts and are more open to new experiences, sensations and opportunities. They are not afraid to experiment and have an adventurous nature.

3. BDSM supporters are mentally healthier

Contrary to popular myth, the desire to dominate does not at all mean a pathological tendency to sadism or even criminal inclinations.

4. BDSM Requires a Specific Skill Set

Passion for this subculture requires both partners to have a set of quite serious skills and boundless trust in each other.


5. Most people talk about their desires to a partner.

71% of BDSM lovers boldly say what they want in bed to their partner. Of course, this is extremely important for a healthy relationship and getting full pleasure.

6. More than half of people share their sexual fantasies.

56% of BDSM supporters openly share fantasies with a partner. And right! No matter how difficult they are, you can and should voice them to your partner.

7. Most people don’t participate in BDSM.

73% of the respondents, alas, said that they had never participated in such experiments. It’s a pity!

8. Stop Words Are Used by Too Few People

Among BDSM participants, only 17% use a stop word to immediately stop the game, which is quite unexpected and even unsafe.


9. Women like to be punished more.

Whipping is a favorite discipline for 55% of women, but men enjoy it only 50%.

10. Less than 10% of women enjoy being dominated.

75% of women would prefer to play the role of a submissive slave, and only 8% expressed a desire to dominate. Among men, 48% like to dominate and 33% are not averse to obey. And men change roles more often, there were 18% of them, and slightly less women – 16%.