This gadget has been a hit among sex toys for couples for two years now. On the one hand, it is simple and straightforward to manage, on the other hand, it has many options for use. He is good both in solo sex and in bed with two partners. In addition, it is controlled from anywhere in the world using a special smartphone application. Play with a partner at dinner – and a hot night is guaranteed for you!

A light erotic massage with a cooling effect will help make stuffy tropical nights passionate and tender. This can be achieved with the help of ice cubes or, which is much better and more pleasant, a vibrator with a special nozzle. Fill the rubber container with water and place in the freezer. Before use, put on a vibrating element – and you are ready for battle, that is, for a luxurious cool massage.

Of course, you can’t do without lubrication on a pair trip. The trip is short, but you don’t want to take a large bottle with you? Grab a small one, and choose a lubricant that is suitable for both vaginal and oral sex. A water-based lubricant from Swiss Navy is fine.

About what are exciting drugs for men and women and why they are needed, we wrote here: http://www.thevoicemag.ru/sex-love/sex/ogon-strasti-uznay-pro-luchshie-vozbuzhdayushchie-sredstva -dlya-zhenshchin/, and here: http://www.thevoicemag.ru/sex-love/sex/skoraya-pomoshch-vozbuzhdayushchie-i-sogrevayushchie-sredstva-dlya-muzhchin/ And vacation is not a reason to refuse additional pleasure . In one bottle with two convenient dispensers there are two stimulating gels: for him and for her. The male provides a stable erection and a long intercourse, the female provides a vivid excitement and a quick orgasm.

If the trip is long, and you want to take everything with you at once – so that it is beautiful, functional, and romantic – then grab the Shunga Secrets of a Geisha set. It includes an erotic massage oil, an energizing oil, a bath gel, an energizing cherry-scented cream for women, a sweet strawberry-scented body powder, and the softest feather brush. Everything you need for gentle tantric sex.