Within reason, of course. Because usually we are ready to scold ourselves for the slightest manifestation of laziness. Our mothers and grandmothers scolded us for this, and rightly, in general, they scolded us: who wants to clean their room when you can read an interesting book? The problem is that we often bring ourselves to a semi-alive state, trying to do something when we are not strong, unwell or – well, yes, lazy. Men look at it easier: “I’m too lazy” is a sufficient reason to do nothing. True true. A girl who allows herself to be lazy is a beautiful girl. Because if she herself is too lazy, then she won’t be bored for hours: “Throw out the tree, throw out the tree … What does laziness mean ?!” Yes, because his mother scolded him too. For this very thing. And you are not like a mother. That’s lucky, huh.


Men have very selective vision. There are, of course, pedants who are able to see the hair from the tail of a cat, which accidentally flew onto the chandelier, and scream “a nightmare, what a mess we have!”, But this is a rarity. Usually men notice what interests them, and point blank they do not see what they do not care about. Now, they don’t care about the fact that you chipped off a piece of nail polish. Or that the sauce dripped on a home shirt. And they don’t care about your habit of crunching cookies on the couch, falling asleep with crumbs all around. But they perfectly notice the fact that you are not too worried about this either. Delov, then you can put everything in order. Late, yes. The sluts have an easy character. It’s fine.


Crowds of boyfriends always curl around frivolous girls, and this, in general, is understandable. The image of a strict teacher is exciting when it comes to appearance, and this is a movie teacher. In a tight skirt, white blouse and glasses. But in reality, it was a terrible bore and bitch that ruined the poor boy’s best years of life. Yes, she has always been very serious. Well, just really. No, he never wants to see her again. Even the shadow of her image does not want to see. Girls that are too serious are for infantile overgrowths who are just waiting to be hit on the neck with a pointer and explained how to live. He’s not like that. Give him a frivolous laughing young lady.


We hide our past hobbies from men. What is there from men, and from women we hide. Generally from everyone. Whatever girl you take, she will tell you that she had two great loves in the past (including the first, school, absolutely innocent) and one unsuccessful, meaningless romance. And that’s it. All! She is as innocent as a child. At the same time, old friends can remember a dozen guys with whom she had something. But all this does not count, and if it does not count, then it did not happen. In fact, a very limited circle of men prefers completely inexperienced young ladies. And these are not the best men, to be honest, because the point here is in the complexes. It’s scary to be worse than its predecessor. Guys without such problems prefer amorous girls. Well, if only because she already knows what kind of man she needs, and will not eat out his brain with a teaspoon on the subject of “Ah, I didn’t imagine our love like that!”.


The structure of the organism of the “woman” system is a very mysterious thing. Men are usually unable to comprehend the reasons for our mood swings, even if we write in red lipstick on the refrigerator “DANGER! Do not work without a helmet! PMS! At the same time, it is believed that sudden swings in our mood irritate them, and they consider excessive emotionality as hysteria and reasonably avoid relationships with virgins who are prone to it. Not really. The fact is that it is generally difficult for them to understand what is happening to us, because the body of the “man” system is arranged differently. They do not read us, they do not have such an option in the basic configuration. They need to chew everything and explain. And if you do not hide emotions and express them violently – then here it is! Everything is clear, cheers! No “Honey, what happened? – Nothing”. And then a scandal out of the blue – how, where, why? And then she growls once, and it’s immediately clear: don’t get in, she’ll kill you. Very comfortably.

“Male” character traits

In fact, the division into typically masculine and typically feminine qualities is very conditional. These are not so much natural differences as a matter of upbringing and the environment in which a person is born, grows and matures. The problem is that many girls often think that they are not feminine enough: they are very worried about this, and let’s, then, sculpt such a girl-girl out of ourselves. A senseless waste of life resources, men will not appreciate it anyway. Because, first of all, it’s not true. Nobody likes hypocrites. And secondly, the masculine traits in the character of the young lady cause them admiration and respect. Because they are also hostages of upbringing and the environment that made them believe that women are such fragile mysterious creatures, not people, but something else: we supposedly have a different language, a different logic, and everything else in general. We are not to be understood. And then it suddenly turns out that you are not a biorobot with broken settings and not a Martian. You are a normal living person. What happiness!

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