1. Why does a woman like to give oral sex to a close man?

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It turns out that this happens at the biological level. Thus, she is preparing for the expectation of a child, Dutch scientists have established. In their opinion, by swallowing sperm, a woman “accustoms” her body to the DNA of this person. And later, when his seed gives life to the creature inside her, her body will perceive the fetus as something familiar, due to which the unpleasant manifestations of pregnancy will be minimized.

2. Why do men like to do cunnilingus?

They also take care of their gene pool, say researchers from Michigan. They found that women who have more oral sex are less likely to cheat.

3. Which couples have better sex?

At Florida State University, they tried to find a relationship between the nature of the spouses and their intimate life. It turned out that couples in which the wives are more accommodating are more likely to have sex. And families are more satisfied with their intimate life, in which the wife is a more open and frank person than her husband.

4. Deodorant can cause us to choose inappropriate partners.

And all because it drowns out the smell of pheromones and “deceives” others. Scottish biologists asked a first group of men and women to determine how masculine or feminine people looked in photographs. And then they offered another group to determine the same thing by the smell of the opposite sex. It turned out that:

And why did it seem to us that people knew about this from antiquity and for this very reason they invented incense and ointments in order to appear more attractive?

5. If a man underestimates the temperament of his partner, she is satisfied and happy.

Sounds contradictory? The researchers asked a group of people in long-term relationships to complete questionnaires at the beginning of the study and three weeks later. It turned out that men often underestimate the power of sexual desire in their second half than women. At the same time, the partners of such slow-witted men are more satisfied and aim to hold on to these relationships.

Researchers explain it this way: thinking that a wife is difficult to get, a man makes more effort in bed. And if he overestimates her sexuality, he believes that nothing special needs to be done: she will enjoy it anyway.

When the subjects discovered that their lady of the heart was not as groovy as they wanted to seem, they began to make more efforts to rekindle her sexual interest.


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