A recent study found that couples who scheduled holiday sex on Valentine’s Day (which happened on weekdays this year) would spend less time on it than on weekends: 26 minutes versus 34. Another study found a trend to have sex on Saturday (11 :30, 22:30, 23:30 are the most popular times for him) or Friday night at 22:30. In general, there are no weekdays in these statistics. So why shift the focus to them?


1. Change sparks passion

No wonder people prefer sex on weekends: everyone is relaxed, not limited in time. On the other hand, it can turn into a routine and obligation from a mutually enjoyable process. In addition, weekends are sometimes also busy with business and travel, and partners, without noticing it themselves, begin to miss “days of love”. And no one really needs it! Therefore, a simple change in the day of the week will be a great way to throw logs on the fire of your love.

2. Sex makes work less monotonous and unpleasant.

Did your boss scold you for something you had nothing to do with? Did a colleague bring food to work that smelled terrible? Any little thing can lead to the fact that you will come home angry and will remember the trouble all evening. What a pleasant thing to do when you can forget about all these sad events and think only about each other!


3. Time is limited, imagination is not.

On weekdays, there is really little time for relaxation. But you can think over the program in advance, decide what you want. Maybe not the usual penetration sex at all, but the pleasure of a sex toy!

4. Morning sex is a great choice

If you are both too tired for sex in the evening, you can move it to the morning. For example, in the shower or in the kitchen, it is not necessary to stay in bed. Joy for the whole day is guaranteed!

5. Working on a schedule

If one of you often sits up at work, forgetting about the time, the pleasures planned for the evening will allow you to quickly deal with business and rush home.