why women don't have orgasms

Sexual relations are an important component of relationships between loving people. However, according to statistics, a third of women do not enjoy making love. Among these women, some never experience orgasm.

For men, it is very important that their partner has sexual experiences. At the same time, they get more vivid sexual sensations. And if the beloved has not reached the peak of intimate emotions, the man will try to understand why the woman does not experience an orgasm.

Why do some women not have orgasms?

There are four reasons why a woman may not experience an orgasm:

1. Physiological. For some women, body structure and health conditions can interfere with full sexual sensations. These are the factors:

  • an anomaly in the development of the genital organs, in which sexual relations cause pain or the location of the organs interferes with full sensations;
  • gynecological diseases, which include vaginismus, vaginal dryness, endometriosis, inflammation of the appendages;
  • hormonal disorders that can be caused by taking birth control pills.

2. External factors. Taking into account external factors helps to answer the question why a woman does not always experience an orgasm. Low air temperature, noises, uncomfortable bed, bad smell can distract the partner from intimate experiences. But as soon as the irritant is removed, a woman can again get a range of intimate sensations.

3. Psychological factors. The main factor in why many women do not experience orgasm is psychological. Fear, anxiety, insecurity, low self-esteem, depression and fatigue are the reasons that can discourage a woman from having sex and why a woman does not experience a vaginal orgasminterfere with orgasm.

4. Inexperience or poor sexual knowledge of the partner. Some men think they are naturally good lovers and blame women for not having orgasms. However, a larger percentage of women who do not experience orgasm are capable of it with certain caresses. The partner should study the body of the partner and look for ways to satisfy her.

Do not worry about why a woman does not experience a vaginal orgasm. Orgasm after stimulation of the clitoris can be brighter than vaginal, and sufficient for sexual discharge of a woman.