The rhythm of modern life sometimes leaves no free time for literally anything. If you don’t put sex on the calendar, you won’t get it. But here’s the point: in fact, we often plan sex from the first dates. Remember how you, meeting with him, thought how the next evening would end!


Or, for example, you began to live together. A variety of tasks and obligations piled up right there. And it cannot be assumed that as soon as one of you wants, the second will be there. In addition, when you plan to go out somewhere or a date, the partner feels his importance to you. And it’s the same with sex!

1. Talk about it

So, you understand why this is necessary. But won’t he be afraid of a “let’s plan everything” conversation? He may well think that something does not suit you! Start softly. Like, I feel like we don’t spend enough time together. Let’s free Sunday evening for a romantic dinner and a pleasant program after it. See, it’s not that hard!

2. Write it down on your calendar

Do you remember when you planned your first dates? They asked each other when they were free, and wrote down the time of the meeting in a diary. Now you can add something else there. Of course, you should not send him a reminder, but decide in advance which evening of the week to free. Consider it part of the foreplay!


3. Keep a schedule

Unlike a business meeting (or, to be honest, a dinner with friends), a date night sometimes seems not so important. You can transfer it… Stop! If you start doing this, there will be no point in the schedule and you will again have sex in a hurry after a lot of other things to tick off a whole month. No, let sex be a high priority!