Most people associate loud moans with pleasure. Women moan in bed, while most men prefer to have sex almost silently.

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Why do women moan when they have sex? It turns out that the scientific world has identified several reasons, each of which gives its own explanation.


Why do women moan in bed? Cause: hyperventilation

Sexual arousal increases activity in certain areas of the brain. During the research, scientists have proven the activation of sensory, motor, frontal cortical and some other areas of the brain. All this affects the whole organism as a whole.

The groans of women during sex are associated with a change in muscle activity, an increase in the concentration of hormones, an increase in skin sensitivity, and a change in the rhythm of breathing. The caresses of the partner lead to the fact that the woman begins to breathe deeply and moan.

Erogenous zones in women

As a result, hyperventilation of the lungs occurs, the body releases a large amount of endorphins into the blood. Why do women moan during sex? Because moans testify to changes in physical condition and the pleasure received.


Moans of women during sex: stimulation and training of a partner

With the help of moans, a woman can tell her partner how to act. The sounds made during intimacy are considered to be the simplest form of communication. Why do women moan during sex? Because in this way they show: in which especially sensitive areas it is necessary to strengthen caresses.


The moaning of women during sex also demonstrates which positions are most acceptable, and how it is easier to deliver pleasure and pleasure. In addition, groans are a kind of pathogen. They stimulate and excite a man, helping him to reach his peak much faster during intimacy.

Or maybe it’s pain?

Moans of women during sex do not always confirm the pleasure received. It is not uncommon for the sound accompaniment to testify not to pleasure, but to the pain received. At the same time, the woman does not dare to declare the discomfort that has arisen, but only groans. A man needs to be a very sensitive and attentive partner in order to assess the discomfort experienced by a woman in time. Perhaps it is enough to change the position or add caresses and tender words to intimacy so that the inconvenience disappears.


Women moan because they saw it in the movies

Why do women moan during sex? There is another reason, but not all men may like it. Making voluptuous sounds, a woman, thus, can only imitate the movie characters of her favorite TV shows and erotic films. In many films, including popular TV series, during erotic scenes, the heroines moan loudly, shouting out the name of their partner. Women, having seen enough of such stories, believe that for good sex, a man definitely needs her loud and drawn-out moans, depicting pleasure and passion.



To please him

A woman can get bored during sex. But she is a born actress, and is unlikely to show boredom. For her beloved partner, she is ready for various feats. One of the reasons why women moan during sex is the increase in male self-esteem. Men believe that by making passionate sounds, a woman experiences an unforgettable pleasure that brings her to orgasm. But in fact, sounds can only be a kind of manipulation. The woman groans to make her partner feel confident.

Moans are not always an approaching orgasm

Whatever movie you watch, from Sex and the City to the most primitive porn, the actresses, feigning pleasure, behave in the same way. They shout out the partner’s name, moan so that the neighbors knock on the pipes, from their voices the pictures fall from the walls.


But what if this is just a “director’s interpretation” and “artistic exaggeration”, and in fact we don’t really want to scream and moan? This question caught the attention of scientists in 2011, when University of Central Lancashire researcher Gail Brewer and University of Leeds scientist Colin Hendry published their findings on what is known as “copulatory vocalization”. Simply put, about the moans of women during sex. The full material is titled “Evidence for the suggestion that copulatory vocalization in women is not a reflex consequence of orgasm.”

Sounds complicated, but the meaning is simple. Researchers surveyed 71 active heterosexual women aged 18 to 48 about how and when they moan during sex. The survey showed that not all women moan during orgasm:


  • 66% of survey participants answered that they do it to speed up their partner’s orgasm,
  • 87% do it to cheer him up.
  • a few percent of survey participants admitted to moaning to disperse boredom, drive away fatigue, or signal pain or discomfort during sex.

The study states: “While female orgasms were most common during foreplay, copulatory vocalizations typically occurred before or during a man’s ejaculation.”


What happens, is this just a show we put on for our guys?

“There isn’t a lot of research in this area,” admits Indiana University sexologist Kristen Mark, “but we’re bombarded with the idea that women only moan during sex during orgasm or sexual pleasure. This is a mainstream show. So for a woman, given the prevailing stereotype, it would be logical to simulate an orgasm in this way.


Unfortunately, this conclusion suggests itself. If he is convinced that when you moan, you feel good and have already experienced an orgasm, the easiest way to fake an orgasm is to start moaning. Many men are sure of this: why do women scream during sex? Because they have an orgasm. But actually it is not.

“When you fake an orgasm, you signal to your partner that he is doing everything right, when in fact he is not,” says sex educator Patty Brisbane. “It’s better to use moans to tell your partner that you really like it when you really feel good.”

Animals moan too

Not only human women make sounds during sex. For example, female baboons have a rich repertoire of vocal cues to signal their readiness to mate. They become more difficult as females get closer to ovulation. Female baboons make more varied sounds than the higher-ranking male who keeps them company. But female macaques, for example, spur males to ejaculate with their cries. Like the moans of women during sex, the soundtrack of the intimate side of animal life can have completely different reasons.


“Women are learning to take responsibility for their own sexual needs and desires,” explains Patty Brisbane. “We need to take the next step and allow ourselves to become teachers. Use vocalizations to teach your partner how to treat you. It will help you tell him “stop, move, yes, more please” without sounding like an ambulance siren. The groans of women during sex should only be natural.

So, don’t moan when you don’t like sex. It’s better to motivate him to act the way you like by making erotic noises at the “right moments”.

By the way, sonic reassurance works both ways. That is, it excites both boys and girls. Why do women moan in bed? We have identified various reasons. But the priority of them is because of the pleasure received. Voice accompaniment can help you tune in to your partner, synchronize with him and at the same time get into rhythm with your own feelings.