Why do men love anal sex?

Why men love anal sex

Having heard the proposal of a loved one to have anal sex, many women do not understand what men like so much in this activity and why they generally love this very anal sex. From the female point of view, this kind of sex is unattractive, unpleasant and often painful – only some ladies experience pleasant sensations. And after reading about the possible threat to health with frequent engagement in this type of sex, ladies begin to consider it almost a perversion. So why do men like anal sex so much, are they all perverts or are there some points that we cannot understand?

Why Men Love Anal Sex – Physiology

Thinking about why men like anal sex so much, ladies believe that it’s all about physiology. They are partly right, the vagina is wider, especially in those who have already given birth, than the anus, which means that the girth density is higher. Also, the rectum tightly wraps around the penis along the entire length, which the vagina cannot boast of. From a physiological point of view, these are all the advantages of anal sex over vaginal, besides, the density of girth can be provided in other ways, for example, by training the muscles of the vagina.

Why men love anal sex – psychology

If it's not a matter of physiology, then what do men prefer in anal sex? One must think that the answer lies in male psychology. So, what are the considerations that drive our men when they offer to try this kind of sex?

  1. What do men like about sex? Variety, that's what they are looking for in anal, in vain, is it that anal sex is advertised in porn films? True, usually men who want to add variety to your sex life do not really insist on this type of sex - there is still a lot to try.
  2. A woman who agrees to anal sex reveals a greater degree of trust in her partner. Well, men take advantage of this, saying "if you really love me, then you will agree to such an experiment." Usually this type of men insists on his own to the last, they really accept the refusal of a woman as a confirmation of the lack of love and trust on her part.
  3. Some men say that they love their woman very much, and therefore consider it necessary to pay attention to every cell of her body. It is easier to deal with such an enthusiastic type of men, if he really loves, then he can wait, and he will take care of not only his own pleasure, but also the woman's. And if a woman categorically does not recognize this type of sex, she will not hold a grudge. True, this does not happen often, well, how can you refuse a man who looks with loving eyes and asks for such a small thing?
  4. What do men like in anal

  5. Many men, practicing anal sex, feel not just the master of the situation, but almost a god and ruler. It is clear that all men receive moral satisfaction from this type of sex, from the realization of their dominant position in a couple, but for some this feeling takes on a painful connotation. It’s not easy to negotiate with this type of men, they have “I want”, and the desires of their partner are of little concern to them.
  6. Why do guys like anal sex? And because they generally like the pose from behind! The “picture” is good and many simply cannot take their eyes off the view that opens up to them.
  7. And there are still men who enjoy not only the process itself, but also what precedes it, namely, persuasion. They do it masterfully, without lamentations above the ear, “please, let's try,” and often the girl thinks that she herself suggested such an experiment to her partner. But the interest of such men is usually short, having persuaded one woman, they immediately go in search of another.