Why can't a man cum

Why are we accustomed to the idea that a man always has an orgasm and simply cannot not finish during sex? After all, this happens, and as practice shows, such problems are not uncommon. Can you tell me why there are problems – if a man does not finish for a long time during sex, you should rejoice, and not think about what to do and how to correct this situation? There is some truth in this matter, ladies often complain that their partners are satisfied too quickly. But it happens, unfortunately, and vice versa. So let’s see why this happens and what to do if a man cannot finish for a long time.

Why can’t a man cum during intercourse?

Often women, having discovered that a man cannot finish, begin to look for reasons in themselves. Of course, a woman can also be guilty of a lack of pleasure, but more often it is still a man. And if you have doubts, talk to your partner, perhaps this is just a feature of his body. After all, the amount and duration of sex needed by a man depends on his sexual constitution. But if a long sexual intercourse is not the norm for your man, then you need to think about the reasons for the lack of an orgasm. Most often they are as follows.

  1. A common reason why a man cannot finish for a long time is drinking alcohol. Most men believe that for perfect sex, you need to drink a little alcohol before it, they say, this will help to liberate yourself and allow your fantasy to open up. It may be true, only few people can drink just a little, and it is much more difficult for a man who has gone over to finish, because the transmission of impulses from the brain and back becomes slower. If the same story happened to your partner, then you shouldn’t panic too much, it’s your own fault and you will get your sober head. Just try to take advantage of his such state for yourself, just keep in mind that in pursuit of your own orgasm, your partner may be sharper than usual, and therefore agree with caution on exotic types of sex for you.
  2. The second most popular reason why an orgasm for a man becomes an unattainable dream is fatigue, constant stress and their treatment. Antidepressants have a calming effect on the nervous system and they also affect sexual activity. So if your partner is taking sedatives, don’t be too hard on him. If he fails in bed as well, it will become a “control shot in the head.” Better wait, and the man, appreciating your care and patience, will take the initiative himself.
  3. Also, often a man cannot get an orgasm because he is a perfectionist, he needs to be the best everywhere and in everything. So in bed, he tries to keep the bar just as high, trying to make this sex the best for his partner. But this is where the problem lies – a man is too keen on the idea of ​​satisfying his partner, and therefore he himself can no longer achieve orgasm. In this case, the woman should help him, say that he is the best and tell him that your orgasm can be provided not only by intense frictions, for example, caressing the clitoris will cope with this no worse. If the partner does not know how to do this, set an example for him, few men Why doesn't a man have an orgasm?may not be tempted by the sight of a woman masturbating. And also thank him not only in word, but also in deed – fulfill his sexual desire.
  4. What to do if a man does not finish for a long time, but he has no depression, no alcoholism, no signs of perfectionism, and you began to encounter such a problem more and more often? Here you can’t do without the help of a specialist, because the causes can be diseases of the reproductive and endocrine systems, oncology, malformations and anomalies in the development of the genitourinary system. Postponing a visit to the doctor is not worth it, because only he can answer the question why a man does not get an orgasm and prescribe treatment. So, if a problem exists, persuade your loved one to visit a doctor.