Because it’s taboo. For centuries, this was considered a terrible sin, and the forbidden fruit is known to be sweet. And men are more susceptible to what is out of bounds and harder to get.

It’s all about porn. For many, it becomes the standard. Since anal sex in pornography is part of the mandatory sexual program, men automatically begin to consider it the norm, even if they did not really want it.

He thinks everyone else is doing it. Since porn has set such a standard, everyone thinks: “So everyone around is practicing it, and I’m the only one missing something. This needs to be fixed immediately!”

The chance of getting pregnant decreases with anal sex. (Although it does not disappear at all: theoretically, sperm can leak out and get where it is not expected at all. So you should not forget about caution).

This is something new. Men love variety. And often they perceive this method as an unusual gift from a partner.

He is excited by the opportunity to dominate. Anal sex is that form of sex during which the guy is in complete control of the situation. And he can enjoy his power – especially if in real life he lacks this power.

The most obvious: the anus is narrower. This means that the penetration is tighter, the friction is stronger, the sensations are brighter.

His previous partner loved it. And since it worked for her, why not try to please the next woman in the same way? Another question is that she may not consider it a pleasure.

This is real animal sex for the sake of sex. It has something primal.

He just likes women’s butts. And he enjoys the view from behind.

This is a very intimate act. On an emotional level, it can bring partners together. Good anal sex involves more preparation, more pre-warming, more discussion about how it’s supposed to happen. In addition, if a woman does not practice this method, but agrees to try for the sake of a partner, then she trusts him enough.

Does this mean that you are obliged to agree to anal sex for the sake of your loved one, if you yourself are completely not enthusiastic about this idea? Of course not! Just don’t judge the guy if he offers: he has at least 11 reasons for this.