Some are turned on by slim people, others are turned on by fat people, and this is completely normal, because our tastes, like ourselves, are different. Craving for fat people will not make you a follower of feederism, for him you need something more serious.


Feed and be fed

Feederism is a fat fetish that focuses on the erotic process of eating, feeding and gaining weight. Within this fetish, two roles are distinguished: “feedee” (feedees) and “feeder” (feedeer). The former get sexual pleasure from the idea of ​​gaining weight. In the Feabie social network, created specifically to meet people with similar inclinations, they are given the following definition. “Fidis or ‘gainers’ are men or women who enjoy getting bigger, fatter and/or rounder.” There is also a postscript that “for some fidis, the idea of ​​losing health, up to complete immobility, is also part of the fantasy, but for the majority, remaining physically fit, while becoming larger, is a priority.”


Feeders, on the other hand, are those who enjoy feeding their partners while watching them gain weight.

All from childhood

Many adherents of feederism began to show interest in weight gain and obesity at a young age. “I’ve always been drawn to fat people,” explains Patch Lumpkin, Feedy. “I liked the way their bodies looked and I liked watching them eat. When I was a kid, I used to put a pillow under my clothes, pretending I was super fat. I also enjoyed playing in the mud or being smeared with food. It made me feel aroused even before I knew it was sexual.”

Another fidi Martin Silva recalls: “It started when I was 14. I liked thinking about girls getting fat. I imagined how they would look if they gained 10, 20 kilograms, and it seemed to me very erotic. At the same time, I was also excited by the thought that I myself would gain weight – I imagined that a girl would feed me.


Small parts

Like any other fetish, fiderism has many shades and halftones. That is, even if there is a common denominator, everyone finds something of their own in this “fan club” that “clings” it to him. What are the most popular components of feederism?


  • Gluttony (stuffing). The English verb stuff is applicable not only in the context of food, but rather means “to stuff”, as in “stuffing a soft toy”. So maybe it would be more accurate to say “stuffing the stomach.” Gluttony for many is already a fetish in itself. People like the immediate effects of a full stomach: drowsiness, heaviness, tight skin on the abdomen. On the forums, they describe how much they can eat and how they will feel after that.
  • measurements. If for a huge number of people an increasing figure on the scales or on a centimeter is a reason for frustration, there will be those who will only be happy. Some feedies constantly measure their body: waist, hips, arms … The more their figure increases, the happier they feel.
  • Humiliation. Many fidis admit to being turned on by being called “fat” or making derogatory remarks about their weight.
  • Morbid obesity. Some feedies fantasize about gaining so much that they simply can’t move and eventually die of obesity.


How much to weigh in grams?

When asked how much you would like to weigh, the participants of the feeder forum answer differently. The minimum figure is approximately 100 kg, but many admit that, if they had their way, they would gladly “spread out” up to 300 or more.

“Honestly, if the situation was favorable, I would eat and grow to the limit. If I was sure that there would be someone nearby who would help me cope with household chores when it would be difficult for me myself. Plus I have to make sure someone stays with me when I get “too” big.

Now my weight fluctuates around 167 kg, but four months ago I weighed 179. Before I crossed the line of 180, I analyzed the situation. My back hurt and it was quite difficult for me to go to the bathroom. So I dropped a couple of kilos. But if someone cared about me and would like me to become so huge, I would agree.


A huge belly is my old fantasy. For years I looked at myself in the mirror and wished my belly was bigger.”


But why?

Don’t confuse feederism with body positivity philosophy. Oddly enough, this fetish has much more in common with fat shaming. Adherents of feederism do not seek to accept and love themselves and their loved ones as they are. On the contrary, their bodies will only begin to satisfy them when they change beyond recognition.

At the root of this fetish lies the desire to give someone else control over their lives, to shift responsibility to someone else. Striving for complete immobilization, the fidis wish to become absolutely helpless. Feederism is very close to some BDSM practices, perhaps in their more destructive incarnation, because it is long-term.

Whatever you do, whatever excites you, take care of your health and love yourself.