When can I have sex after a caesarean?

When can I have sex after a caesarean?

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens that delivery takes place by caesarean section, or shortly – COP. A cesarean section in itself is an operation, and unlike those who gave birth naturally, a freshly-baked mother after a cesarean will face some difficulties: problems with the stool, a ban on carrying and lifting weights, and sitting. In addition, many women are concerned about the topic of resuming sex after childbirth. Someone is looking forward to this moment, and some of the fair sex are afraid of intimate relationships, especially if the pregnancy ended in surgery. So, when can you still have sex after a caesarean section?

Sex after caesarean section: the opinion of gynecologists

Usually, doctors recommend immediately refraining from sexual relations and resuming them no earlier than 6-8 weeks after a cesarean section. This is how much time your body needs to bounce back after pregnancy and childbirth. The fact is that at this time the uterus, from which the placenta is separated, is an open wound. Therefore, a woman has blood discharge – lochia – for a month after childbirth. Over time, they take the form of diluted blood, turn yellow. As long as there is discharge, it is not safe to have sex, and the presence of lochia is unlikely to contribute to sexual desire.

In addition, there is the possibility of infection in the postpartum uterus, so surgical sutures are also the reason for the prohibition of sex after CS. The gynecologists consider that the most acceptable solution is to wait 1.5-2 months, go to the doctor and get “permission” for sexual relations.

Sex and caesarean section: the view of psychologists

It is women who have had a caesarean section who are most often haunted by the fear of sex for psychological reasons. After the operation, a scar appears in the lower abdomen, which makes the fair sex feel insecure. Added to this is not gone belly, possible cellulite and stretch marks. It seems to a woman that the scar disfigures her, and she has lost her attractiveness for her husband.

In addition, a woman is afraid that after a cesarean section, sex will bring pain or discomfort. Sometimes new mothers, due to the weakening of the body after surgery and round-the-clock care for the newborn, feel so tired that there is simply no strength for intimacy.

Psychologists advise not to force yourself to start sexual relations if you have no desire or there is fear. However, such inattention can offend the spouse. It is necessary to talk with your loved one and explain the reason for refusing sex. He will also be pleased with your touches and caresses, because sex is not only sexual intercourse.

How to avoid pain during sex after a caesarean section?

After a caesarean section, pain during lovemaking can haunt a woman for up to 3-4 months. Our recommendations will help minimize discomfort during sex:

  • if you decide to have sex for the first time after giving birth, it is not at all necessary to bring the matter to the end. Limit yourself to foreplay, so you will quickly get used to sex;
  • to avoid pain during penetration, use a special gel lubricant. sex and caesarean sectionIt will also be useful if a woman does not have natural lubrication;
  • ask your partner to be gentle and patient;
  • choose a position in which you can control the depth and frequency of penetration (for example, "rider");
  • agree with your husband about intimacy in the baby's daytime sleep, when there is more strength for sexual "exploits".

It is up to the woman herself to choose the time when it is possible to have sex after the COP. Of course, you should focus on your own feelings and desires, but it will not be superfluous to consult with your gynecologist.