what types of sex are there

It is worth noting that there are no single classifications of sex. There are many attempts to group different types of sex according to various parameters.

What are the types of sex?

One type of difference when having sex is having a partner. And in this regard, sex can be different.

Without partner:

  • are used by teenagers, having their first sexual experiences during puberty, when the not yet conscious call of the flesh is expressed by masturbation or masturbation;
  • typical for sexually unsatisfied people, single or long-term partners, as well as those who are looking for new types of sex.

With a partner:

  • traditional sex with one partner of the opposite sex;
  • relationships with a same-sex partner;
  • with multiple partners of the same or opposite sex.

At the same time, same-sex and group sex has found its place in life. Speaking about what types of sex are with partners, you should pay attention to those that differ from the traditional vaginal and do not provide for the so-called entry. Without going into the specifics of each type, it can be noted here:

  • oral, which in turn includes blowjobs, cunnilingus and lingual sex;
  • anal, which implies, in order to achieve orgasm, the participation of the partner’s penis in front of the anus or in itself.

unconventional sex

The following are the most common types of non-traditional sex:

  • petting;
  • mammological;
  • intrafemoral;
  • gluteal;
  • and a number of others that involve the chest, buttocks, thighs and other organs of a partner or partner during sexual intercourse.

When we talk about unusual types of sex, then, most often, the following are meant here:

  • various kinds of perversions, such as bestiality, necrophilia, sadomasochism and some others;
  • hypnotic sex, when they are engaged, entering a trance with the help of hypnosis;
  • sleep sex, when sexual visions and sensations appear during sleep.

Today, to achieve orgasm, many use new types of sex. Among them, the following types of sex began to occupy a significant place:

  • extreme sex, when sexual intercourse takes place at a height, in especially crowded places, in a territory that poses a danger to the lives of partners or different types of sex integrity of the genitals. With such sex, orgasm is achieved due to the release of adrenaline caused by an increased sense of danger;
  • sex with special toys;
  • sexual relations with the use of various kinds of devices, in particular, vibrators;
  • costumed sex, when sexual relations between partners are played out like a performance;
  • virtual, associated with getting an orgasm without a partner through SMS messages, Skype or telephone communication.