Sometimes you have to hear girlish complaints: they say that their man has a penis of such an impressive size that they experience pain during sex. No, it’s no good. Now we will tell you how to be.


1. With such a treasure, you will need a longer prelude than usual.

Do not hurry. You must be well aroused to take it without problems.

Let your man pay more attention to all your sensitive points with his tongue and fingers, and only when you are ready, he begins to penetrate.

2. But before that, do not forget to use a lubricant,

if your own lube isn’t enough.

3. Fear has big eyes.

You are already worried if your intimate relationship is just beginning, and then you are also impressed by the length and / or volume never seen before.

If you expect that you will be hurt or uncomfortable, all your muscles, including the vaginal ones, tense up – and instead of fabulous pleasure, you get exactly what you were afraid of. Exactly the same as with defloration.


Try to relax. Your boyfriend can help you by starting with a massage – this way you will gradually get used to physical contact with him, and he will stop scaring you so much.

4. If you experienced unpleasant and even painful sensations with those partners who had more standard sizes,

and now everything has become even worse – be sure to visit a gynecologist. Pain can be caused by cysts, adhesions, or infections. If the root cause is eliminated, pleasure will replace pain.

5. Choose a position that allows you to control the depth and speed of penetration.

  • As we have written before, the “woman on top” is the ideal position from this point of view, which will allow you to do everything gradually and allow him to penetrate deeper only when you are ready.
  • In the missionary position, remember that the higher your pelvis is raised, the deeper the penetration, so take your time throwing your legs over his shoulders and putting a pillow under his ass. Also, the wider your legs are, the shorter your vagina is, so stretch them out and close your hips. Then he will not be able to dive too deep into you, but he will be able to rub against your clitoris with every movement, and you will receive an additional bonus.
  • Another trick: make circular movements of the pelvis towards him, and not back and forth, as usual.
  • You can partly hold, partly stroke the base of his cock so that the guy does not have a feeling of dissatisfaction due to the fact that he did not enter completely.