what to do if you fall in love with a married man

Unfortunately, the situation when a woman does not know what to do when she falls in love with a married man is far from uncommon. Many of the fair sex simply do not understand how to solve a similar problem and stop torturing themselves.

What to do if you like a married man?

To begin with, decide whether you are ready to give up your feelings, or vice versa, you want to destroy his marriage or become a mistress, depending on your answer, you need to develop a behavior strategy.

We will analyze all the options for what to do if you fell in love with a married man.

Option one – you want to forget everything. In this case, disappear from the guy’s life forever, it’s not in vain that they say “out of sight – out of mind”, also try:

  1. Fill up all your free time. No matter what you do with yourself, the main thing is not to lie on the couch and suffer.
  2. Recognize your feelings. Refusing love, a person experiences many different emotions, self-pity, low self-esteem, resentment, anger and much more. Express them by talking to a psychologist, a close friend, or simply in a personal diary.
  3. Do not forbid yourself to release negativity. If you want to cry – cry, if you want to break dishes – beat. The only thing you should not do is public scandals and expressing your feelings to your loved one, then, when everything is over, you will not praise yourself for such behavior.

Option two, you are ready to fight. Psychologists give the following advice on what to do to a woman who says – I love a married man and I’m not going to refuse him:

  1. You must be the embodiment of those qualities that he likes in girls, remember that subconsciously he will compare you with his wife, and this comparison should be in your favor.
  2. Start building a close relationship with a man, find a common business or hobby with him. The more time you spend together and communicate, the higher the degree of your trust in each other and the guy’s awareness that you share his views on life.
  3. Do not turn into a friend, constantly emphasize your femininity and his masculinity, otherwise you risk becoming “your boyfriend.”