What to do if the husband has cooled down?

What to do if the husband has cooled down

When we finally have a serious relationship, we are ready to fly with happiness, still – here it is – the only one found. But time passes, and we notice that the relationship is not the same as before, some kind of alienation has appeared in them. What to do if the husband has cooled off? First, figure out why the relationship has cooled, and then urgently correct the situation.

Why did the man go cold?

How to understand why a man has cooled down, what was the reason for this? Here you can’t do without serious thought, remember when you began to notice changes in the attitude of your loved one towards yourself. And based on this, make assumptions about the possible causes of the appearance of cold in a relationship.

  1. “What should I do, my husband has lost interest in me?” – you are experiencing. And is it really so? Maybe the reason for the alleged cooling is ordinary fatigue, problems at work that your husband does not want to share with you just because he protects the family from unnecessary unrest?
  2. If a beloved man has cooled off, then the first thing that comes to mind is that he has another. It is not necessary to make this option the only one, maybe someone on the side has appeared, but so far you have only vague assumptions. Maybe you are the reason? Remember how you were at the beginning of the relationship and how you are now. There are changes, and they are not for the better, right? You don’t follow your appearance so carefully anymore, and you consider caresses a duty, and not a way to show your feelings, and most importantly, relations began to take on a barter character – “I cooked borscht for you, and you give me something for it.”
  3. Often women notice that everything has changed after childbirth. The husband is already so attentive to his wife, in other words, he has grown cold. Do not just think that he stopped loving you. Just the appearance of a child is a test not only for you, but also for a man, he also needs to learn to live in a new way. Yes, and a small child takes the lion’s share of time and effort, young parents often do not find the strength to say “good night” to each other.

What to do if the beloved man has cooled?

Well, here's the reason why feelings have cooled, outlined, it remains to decide what to do with all this. If the husband gets tired at work, cooled off because of your appearance or because of the replenishment in the family, in any other case, you need to talk to him. A happy family is the result of the work of both spouses, and therefore the husband’s help will not be superfluous at all. Just try to remove the scandalous notes from your voice, talk to your husband calmly, ask what worries him. If a man walks away from the conversation, no need to insist, postpone the conversation for a while and try to start it a few days later. After talking with him, you will understand whether you were right in your assumptions or just invented all sorts of horror stories for yourself, because of which you yourself did not sleep at night.

  1. A huge amount of work has piled up, the boss finds fault, and here your husband is unkind to you at home. What to do? Help him get through this difficult section, be patient a little, and everything will be fine. Reduce your demands on your husband a little, now he needs your support more than urging remarks and constant criticism.
  2. Do you know such a joke “I would like to get married as soon as possible, otherwise I’m tired of taking care of myself”? Have you noticed that she is related to you? Rather, correct yourself, otherwise after some time you will turn into a grumpy wife in a greasy dressing gown and with eternal curlers on your head. And stop making scandals for any reason, believe me, men react much better to affection. If the beloved has cooledSometimes with a couple of gentle words you can achieve what could not be achieved with the help of reproaches and threats.
  3. A child has appeared in your family, and your husband is no longer so tender? Wait, everything will get better, and besides, maybe this is partly your fault? The phenomenon of postpartum depression is quite common and, of course, your loved ones should help you cope with this, but if you yourself do not want to get out of this state, then who is to blame for changing your attitude towards yourself? Wouldn’t you be tired, coming tired from work, to cope not only with the child, but also with the tantrums of the second half, so instead of gratitude, you would receive endless reproaches for this?