The pose of the rider usually pleases both. You have control over your actions, and he has a great view of you. However, he may not just lie down! Here are some professional tips to share with your partner.

1. Put your hand on your penis

First, it can help you position yourself properly on top. Secondly, let him control the presence of a condom in place if you are protected in this way.


2. Say nice things

If he likes what he sees (and you can be sure of this), he may well put into words his feelings: you are beautiful, sexy and worthy of the best.

3. Choose a pace

In general, this is more your task. But nothing prevents him from putting his hands on your hips and showing what kind of rhythm he likes. If you also agree with this option, great!

4. Your orgasm is a priority

The cowgirl position promotes mutual orgasm. So let him caress your clit with his finger. Or better, two, spreading them in the shape of the Latin letter V. After a little training, you will both select the optimal movements.