what kind of sex do women like

If a man is looking for an answer to the question of what kind of sex women like, this does not at all indicate his inexperience or insolvency. Most likely, he is an attentive partner and seeks to deliver maximum pleasure to his woman.

What kind of sex do women like: sprint or marathon?

Most men believe that women in sex are fans of the long marathon. However, this is not entirely correct – ladies like long and unhurried sex according to their mood, and much more often they prefer a short sprint, but repeated several times. And even if the lady wants long caresses, the man should not stretch them indefinitely – the partner’s excitement will disappear, and she will not want to continue at all.

What kind of sex do women want: romance or extreme?

Spontaneous and associated with the risk of being caught by outsiders, sex, it turns out, is loved not only by men, but also by the fair sex. Situations associated with a surge of adrenaline have an exciting effect on ladies and contribute to increased pleasure.

In addition, most women enjoy sex with elements of violence, but, of course, only with a partner who inspires maximum trust. In the psychology of women, the role of a man is programmed as dominant, so all the ladies (though some secretly) dream of obeying a strong partner.

What kind of sex do women dream about?

To understand what kind of sex a certain woman likes, a man should carefully observe her reaction to various types of caresses, how excitement rises and falls. The second rule is to follow the measure in everything. And the most important condition for a woman to receive pleasure is the presence of mutual and mutual feelings for each other. Sex without love is just a form of exercise.