What is trampling?

what is trampling

In modern sexual movements and directions, a new subculture has recently appeared, which in its essence is one of the continuations of sado-masochism. The name of this direction was given by a combination of the English terms bondage, domination, sado-maso, which literally means bondage, domination, sado-maso. In an abbreviated version, this is called BDSM.

The essence of this subculture lies in the alternating exchange of dominance and power of one of the partners over the other, which actually distinguishes it from ordinary sado-masochistic sexual and psychological relationships. BDSM is the game of two partners, the purpose of which is to increase sexual sensations by exchanging power over each other.

It should be noted that in these sex games there are a number of rules that provide partners with safety, both in the physical and psychological aspect, and in relation to criminal law. The history of the development of this subculture has more than two centuries since its first mention in the works of the famous Marquis de Sade, whose name gave the name to one of the terms “sadism”.

There are many directions in BDSM, its own slang, symbols, paraphernalia and even art forms. One of these artistic directions are photography and painting. From the point of view of a person far from this direction, works of art in the Art-BDSM style, to put it mildly, look strange and even a little frightening.

What is trampling?

In the BDSM subculture, there are many attributes and elements of both dominance and submission. Actions and sexual acts are of a varied nature, where certain acts of violence are applied to a subordinate or a slave. Trampling in sex is just one of these acts, which is used in sexual games and sometimes in everyday life.

To answer the question of what trampling means, it is necessary to turn again to English terminology. The term trampling comes from the English word tramp or to tramp, which means “stomp” or “stomp” in translation. And this is precisely the essence of the action – to stomp or walk on the body of a partner.

What is trampling in the sex of members of the BDSM community? This is part of a role-playing game used as a form of sexual foreplay, during which the master or mistress walks over the body of a subordinate, causing pain and suffering. No matter how strange such a game may seem, both participants get physical and psychological pleasure from it, since this is one of the acts of preparation directly for sexual intercourse.

Types of trampling

Trampling falls into two categories:

  1. Soft trampling. The dominant partner in the process of sexual play tramples on the body of the partner with bare feet, the intensity and degree of pressure on the body of the subordinate is not too great. Mr or Mrs can trampling in sexwalk on all parts of the body of his slave - on the back, stomach, chest. Walking on the head and face is excluded from security measures.
  2. hard walking - this is a rather hard kind of pleasure in which the dominant partner can walk on the body of a subordinate in street shoes. When a woman dominates in a couple, then shoes with high and thin stilettos are used, which in fact is already an act of sadism and part of the game from the category of BDSM.

For ignorant people, such an act of sexual play may seem too cruel, but it takes place by mutual agreement of both partners. I must say that with hard walking, and even in high heels, the risk of injury is quite high, but each of the partners is warned about this and follows the safety rules. No matter how strange it may seem from the outside, such games and sexual foreplay have many fans and followers. Trampling within reasonable limits is quite a safe activity, and if someone feels good about it, then why not.