What is the right way to have oral sex?

how to have oral sex

Today, many have an ambiguous attitude towards oral sex. Someone considers it a pleasant pastime, and someone – immoral and obscene. When people come across this, trying to learn how to properly perform oral sex?

In fact, each person is unique, so it is impossible to name a uniquely correct technique. But there are some tricks that will help you determine the right direction. If you try to force yourself, nothing good will come of it, so your own desire is important here. If you are worried that you will not be able to please your partner, then most likely he will help control this process.

Oral sex rules

  1. How to have oral sex? You can start oral stimulation on an erect and non-erect penis. When stimulated on a non-erect member, the movements should be soft and gentle so that the blood rushes in gradually.
  2. Proper oral sex should not be monotonous. Like regular sex, oral sex also requires variety. Excitation will increase, thanks to light touches before the process begins.
  3. Do not make strong sucking movements or lightly touch your lips. Rather, it is worth it, but there are some nuances here. Gentle caresses, gentle touching of the head of the penis and sliding the tongue along it can bring strong pleasure. It is better not to repeat the movements that you may have seen in the movies, as they are often simulated.
  4. During oral sex, it is better to kneel. This position is the most comfortable. Do not think that it is humiliating, in fact, so men can better observe what is happening and control the process. Positions should be changed in such a way that a man has a better view of what is happening.
  5. You can use saliva as a natural lubricant for extra pleasure. If you want the first oral sex to be successful, do not forget that the penis must always be wet.
  6. With oral stimulation of the penis, you can turn your head like a spiral. This technique will provide the strongest excitement, especially if you concentrate on the head. During the upward movement, you can wait until the mouth is in the middle of the upper part of the penis. At this time, the tongue can be applied to the comb, which forms a convex ring around the head of the penis. Thus, the tongue touches the frenulum of the penis, and the hypersensitive scallop experiences a thrill.
  7. Pulling the foreskin can bring great pleasure and bring the act to an end. To do this, you need to grab the penis with your whole hand at a distance of two centimeters from its base. Thus, the skin is stretched, which increases the sensitivity of the upper part of the penis.
  8. During stimulation of the penis, at the same time oral sex rulesstimulate its lower part with your hands. At the same time, remember that your hands must be wet, otherwise the man may feel pain. You can caress the inner thighs, prostate, testicles. Your partner will love it.
  9. If you can’t swallow semen, don’t. But also you should not spit and feverishly wipe your lips. Such behavior can spoil the whole experience.

The benefits of oral sex are good training of facial muscles, the development of coordination of movements and good trust between partners. Thanks to these simple tips, you will learn to guess the desires of your partner and feel him better.