what is the benefit of masturbation

According to statistics, more than 50% of women are engaged in masturbation, most often using fingers or a vibrator for this purpose. There are a huge number of reasons that push the fair sex to this activity, for example, it can be a lack of intimate contacts or sexual dissatisfaction. Scientists have proven the benefits of female masturbation if there is no sex, as well as in the presence of a partner. At the same time, it is worth noting that this applies not only to health, but also to relationships with a partner.

The benefits and harms of female masturbation

Many women perceive self-pleasure as a substitute for traditional sexual relationships, but in reality it is a form of gratification in its own right that allows a woman to better explore her body. As a result, during sex with a partner, the chance of getting an orgasm increases significantly.

Benefits of masturbation:

  1. Self-satisfaction helps to improve mood, because during orgasm, the body produces serotonin, the hormone of happiness.
  2. Masturbation helps improve sex life, and this has been proven through numerous experiments. A woman knows what exactly brings her pleasure, sharing this information with her chosen one, you can regularly get an orgasm during traditional sex.
  3. Self-satisfaction is an excellent discharge to get rid of the tension that has been accumulated throughout the day. Therefore, experts say that if you want to relax, then masturbate.
  4. The benefit of female masturbation is that it helps to cope with the painful sensations of premenstrual syndrome. Self-satisfaction also helps reduce headaches.
  5. With regular practice, it is possible to reduce the frequency of cramping symptoms during the menstrual cycle. Women who engage in self-satisfaction claim that during menstruation they do not suffer from severe pain.

As for the harm of female masturbation, it is possible only if hygiene rules are not observed during the process. You can not use objects not intended for self-satisfaction, as this is traumatic. There is also an opinion that in rare cases, masturbation can cause a woman to not be able to experience an orgasm during traditional sex. That is why sexologists do not recommend abusing self-satisfaction.