What is squirt - myth or reality, what kind of liquid is released, what does the girl feel?

Modern society has become more sexually liberated. However, at the same time, the average person knows little about what a squirt is, or as it is also called a jet orgasm. Having understood this topic in more detail, many women have the opportunity to get incredible pleasure.

Squirt – what is it?

Sex is a topic that even today few people can talk about out loud, so many questions remain unanswered, such as what is female squirt. This phenomenon is considered a kind of orgasm, which surpasses all other types in intensity and is accompanied by the release of fluid. In addition, its main feature is the possibility of repeated repetition with virtually no interruptions.

What fluid is released during squirt?

Many people, out of ignorance, believe that during orgasm involuntary emptying of the bladder can occur, and urine is released during squirt, but in fact this is not the case. It is worth understanding what kind of liquid is released during squirt. After research, it was found that this is a special secret, reminiscent of the composition of the male pre-seminal fluid. It begins to collect at the moment the G-spot is stimulated. Fluid exits the urethra during squirt, which is why confusion occurs.

Squirting – myth or reality?

Sexual themes are associated with a lot of fiction, so the possibility of a jet orgasm is doubtful for many people. In addition, in order to feel it, you need to know your body well, be able to properly stimulate your partner’s erogenous zones and understand what squirt in sex is. One of the main rules is the choice of posture. There is scientific evidence for a jet orgasm, so it cannot be attributed to a myth.

Why not all women experience a jet orgasm?

You can answer this question by understanding the specifics of getting a jet orgasm. Squirting in girls appears as a result of stimulating the G-spot. Physiologically, all women are the same, but there are reasons that explain the lack of a jet orgasm:

  1. Fear of urination. The urethral glands are located around the urethra, when they swell, they put pressure on it, which leads to the urge to go to the toilet. Most women who don’t know about wet orgasms hold back and don’t let their arousal reach its peak.
  2. Psychological barriers. Often these problems begin in childhood and adolescence, when any talk about sex is taboo. This leads to the understanding that all this is shameful, which, as a result, makes it difficult to relax.
  3. Distrust partner. This may include embarrassment regarding the reaction of a man to the result of a jet orgasm or fear to talk about his desires.
  4. Brief or no foreplay at all. Understanding the topic of what squirt is, it is important to note that foreplay helps a woman to tune in the right way and relax.
  5. Partner illiteracy. The ability to experience such sensations directly depends on the ability of a man to relax a woman and excite her.
  6. Wrong angle of penetration during vaginal sex. If there is no stimulation of the G-spot, then a jet orgasm will not occur.
  7. Lack of natural lubrication. In this case, without the help of lubricants, you can feel only discomfort and no pleasure from contact.
  8. Individual physiological features. Sometimes, the G-point can be far away and stimulating it becomes problematic.

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What does a girl feel when she squirts?

There is no unequivocal answer to what squirt means for the female population in terms of sensations, because each representative of the fair sex can describe her condition in her own way. Some of the most common feelings include:

  • unusual sensations in the vagina with an outpouring of fluid;
  • exacerbation of all feelings;
  • orgasmic sensations covering the whole body;
  • involuntary convulsions;
  • at the end of a strong relaxation, which can last for several days.

What is the difference between squirt and golden shower?

Unknowing people can confuse these concepts, although in fact they have nothing in common. Golden rain is one of the types of sexual entertainment. Scientifically, this is called urophilia – getting aroused by the sight or smell of urine. People like it when they urinate on them during sexual pleasures. Knowing what girls squirt is, you can hardly confuse it with golden rain. This process is involuntary and a completely different liquid is released there.

What is the benefit of squirting?

Many are mistaken in thinking that as a result of an orgasm, a person receives only pleasure on an emotional level. In fact, the benefits are much greater. Having figured out what squirt is for women, you need to understand how it affects the body:

  • general strengthening and rejuvenation;
  • increase in emotional state;
  • muscle development due to tension;
  • improvement of sexual life;
  • prevention of women’s problems.

How dangerous is squirt?

It would seem that there could be a danger in this process, but due to the peculiarities of the technique for achieving a female jet orgasm, the following negative consequences are possible:

  1. Any bacteria or viruses that are on the hands that stimulate the vagina can get on the body.
  2. Inexperienced partners can cause mechanical injury by their actions.

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How to achieve squirt?

Excitation is a gradual process, so the sensations increase with each subsequent movement. As already mentioned above, squirt is a female orgasm that occurs when the G-spot is stimulated for a long time. This can be done with hands, sex toys or a member in certain positions. In general, sex squirting requires the following rules:

  1. First, they find the desired point and start with light pressure, the intensity of which should change. You can perform different movements: circular, translational, undulating, and so on.
  2. After reaching a certain level of arousal, you need to add light touches to the clitoris. Knowing what a squirt is, it will become clear that such manipulations will increase the overall excitement.
  3. At some point, the woman will begin to experience the urge to urinate, this signals the approach of squirt.
  4. The duration of stimulation is approximately 20 minutes. The pace should be constant, the intensity should only be increased.
  5. Involuntary squeezing of the abdominal muscles is a sign of strong arousal. To get an orgasm, you need to relax.

How to achieve squirt yourself?

The absence of a partner does not mean at all that a woman should refuse to receive such pleasure, because it is not so difficult to perform the necessary manipulations on her own. Knowing what squirt is, you can easily understand what needs to be done for this:

  1. Get a special vibrator with a curved head.
  2. It is inserted into the vagina and positioned so that the tip rests against the anterior wall of the vagina. Begin stimulation at a slow pace.
  3. Gradually, the mode is increased, which will lead to increased excitation.
  4. Stimulation continues until a jet orgasm is achieved.

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Squirting Secrets

The process of knowing your body is very important for women who want to experience squirt. In order for sex to end with a jet orgasm, you need to know some secrets.

  1. Self love. A woman should feel sexy and beautiful, and not forget to admire her figure.
  2. self-knowledge. To do this, you need to practice masturbation. This will help to explore your body and find erogenous zones.
  3. Don’t be afraid to experiment. Knowing what squirting is and not having a partner, use a vibrator and other toys to help develop sensitivity.
  4. Control your breath. Only deep breaths will help saturate the body with oxygen and relax for enjoyment.
  5. Build your vaginal muscles. Kegel exercises will help blood flow to the organ.