What it is?

The term “mixed orgasm” generally describes an orgasm produced by stimulation of the vagina and clitoris. But this concept is constantly expanding and can include other areas: for example, the g-spot and the anus.

Such an orgasm, as a rule, is longer and brighter than usual.

How to get it?

Experts recommend combining several different methods and, from experience, understand which one works best.

1. Natural

Your fingers are great helpers in exploring the body. Try different ways to touch the clitoris: in a circular motion, up and down, light or strong touches. Evaluate the sensations and use the most effective methods. When you understand how to touch the clitoris, use the lubricant and run the finger of the other hand into the vagina, do various movements there. Of course, all this can be taught to a partner.

2. Sex toys

No wonder there is such a variety of devices for sex on the market! You can start with simple forms and gradually move on to more sophisticated ones, created specifically to get new sensations.

3. Correct posture

To achieve a mixed orgasm, doggy style and cowgirl positions are best suited. They perfectly stimulate the clitoris, which needs light movements, and the vagina, which responds best to fairly strong pressure.

4. Rear maneuvers

Anal orgasm in women is also possible. In addition, during anal caresses, indirect stimulation of the vagina occurs. For such games, it is convenient to use specially created sex toys: a vibrator or balls.

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