What is a lubricant, how to choose and use it correctly?

This amazing cream gives a lot of opportunities to diversify intimate life. What is a lubricant – translated from Latin, the term is translated as “make smooth”, this is a special lubricant, the name of which was given to intimate gels. There are different types of this drug, and it is necessary to choose such a cream based on its components and method of application.

What is a lubricant for?

Many people have a question: what is the lubricant gel for? This preparation is designed taking into account the purpose and method of application. The composition is divided into the following groups:

  • flavored;
  • painkillers;
  • moisturizing;
  • anti-inflammatory;
  • warming up;
  • preventing pregnancy;
  • protecting against venereal diseases.

Many women complain about the lack of lubrication during intimacy or its weak secretion. More often this happens during menopause, after childbirth, during sex marathons. These symptoms are due to several reasons:

  • weak arousal or its absence;
  • gynecological diseases;
  • hormonal changes in the body.

What is a lubricant – these gels were created to reduce pain and discomfort during an intimate act, both with and without condoms. They reduce the friction of the walls of the vagina, improve slip, developed a series of “moisturizing lubricant” for anal sex. Flavored gels spice up the process, and there is a wide variety of flavors to choose from, both fruity and floral. These gels have become an indispensable tool for fans of blowjob or anal sex.

silicone based lubricant

Lubricants – benefit and harm

There are different positions on the pros and cons of lubricants, most doctors in the absence of natural lubrication in women recommend contacting a specialist. After all, this fact can be a symptom of a disease that the gel helps to ignore. But often doctors prescribe this gel for use. Its positive aspects:

  1. Protects the vaginal mucosa from irritation and cracks that can cause infection.
  2. Removes pain, reduces discomfort.
  3. Prolongs the male erection and the intimate act itself.

Many people have a question: do lubricants affect conception? Most physicians are of the opinion that it affects, and it is purely negative. Since all lubricants are bad for sperm. There are other negatives as well:

  1. A water-based gel can lead to a yeast infection.
  2. Parabens in the gel often cause itching and irritation.
  3. Possible manifestations of an allergy to any component.
  4. Frequent use leads to the cessation of natural lubrication, treatment may be required.

Types of lubricants

Today, there are more than 200 types of such gels on sale, choosing a lubricant for sex, you must take into account its composition. The drug is divided into 3 types, depending on the basis:

  1. Silicone. Pros: do not cause discomfort, economical to use. Cons: May leave stains.
  2. Water. Pros: leaves no residue, reasonable price. Cons: Dries quickly.
  3. Oil. There were no pluses, but in the minuses: they destroy condoms, leave indelible stains.

Water based lubricant

Water-based intimate lubricant is more popular due to its versatility and reasonable price. The only negative: the time limit, for the night of love, the dose is not enough. High demand is also due to the fact that:

  1. Has no contraindications, suitable for couples with high sensitivity;
  2. Works well with a condom;
  3. Conveys a feeling of complete intimacy;
  4. Close in composition to a natural female lubricant.

Silicone based lubricant

Silicone lubricant is also very popular, its action is much longer than other types. But it also has inconvenient moments for intimacy:

  1. May cause irritation in women.
  2. Stains do not wash well.
  3. The price is an order of magnitude higher than other formulations.

lubricant lubricant

Oil based lubricant

The oil lubricant has practically gone out of use, since it is very poorly washed off, and stains from bed linen and things are difficult to remove. The composition includes petroleum jelly and vitamin E, which instantly destroy the material of the condom, dangerous for latex sex toys. Convenient for couples who prefer sex without condoms, often used for masturbation.

How to choose a lubricant?

To buy a quality gel, it is best to go to a pharmacy or a specialized intimate store. It is recommended to carefully examine whether the packaging is broken, whether the expiration date is expired, or the reliability of the manufacturer. If one of the couple has allergic diseases, you should consult a doctor. The main guideline when choosing: what the lubricant will be used for, a few tips on this issue:

  • you can not use gels for anal sex for traditional love games;
  • oil lubricant is not used for sex with a condom.
  • low price indicates poor quality raw materials or expired goods.

How to apply lubricants?

When making a purchase, it is worth remembering that these gels are divided into several types:

  1. Exciting lubricants: affect the enhancement of sexual desire.
  2. Antiseptic lubricants: contain antiviral drugs that protect against sexually transmitted infections.
  3. Prolonging lubricants: prolong and enhance the intimate act.
  4. Contraceptive lubricants: have a spermicidal composition that reduces the risk of pregnancy.

When choosing from this list, you should pay attention to lubricants without glycerin, as it can cause fungus. Lubricants with flavors often cause allergies, so it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of both partners. When using the gel, doctors are advised to adhere to the following recommendations:

  • to test tolerance, smear the area on the inside of the brush, if irritation occurs, this drug is not suitable for you;
  • it is necessary to apply the gel on the mucous membrane that will be in contact, both partners must do this;
  • the lubricant is laid out on the condom, and not under it, otherwise the condom will slide off;
  • after sex, rinse with warm water, you can use soap, soft, gentle movements.

How to replace the lubricant?

For all their advantages, these gels are not cheap, so many couples are actively looking for something to replace the lubricant. The easiest option is saliva, if there are no diseases of the oral cavity. But there are recipes on how to prepare a natural water-based or oil-based lubricant at home:

  1. Chop the banana pulp with a blender, adding a little water.
  2. Prepare a thick jelly on starch, at a dosage of 1: 1, if taste is important, you can add fruit juice, if you need a smell, drop perfume.
  3. Use unrefined vegetable oil, adding an aphrodisiac.