What is a foot fetish?

What is a foot fetish

Foot fetish – this is sexual arousal to the legs, most often to women’s. Foot fetish is the most common form of sexual fetishism, which consists of caressing the feet and licking the toes. Foot fetish lovers are turned on by the sight of feet, their taste, the smell of the skin, the movement of the fingers or the temperature. A sexual foot fetish is often combined with a passion for stockings, shoes and socks.

The foot fetish is more common among men as an attraction to women’s feet. Less common is the foot fetish of girls who can enjoy caressing even their own feet.

Types of sexual foot fetish

  1. FootJob – the process of stimulating the genital organs with the feet.
  2. Trampling or trampling is the walking of the feet over the body.
  3. FeetLicking is the licking of the feet.
  4. Toe-LickingToeSucking – sucking and licking the feet, sometimes licking the toes.
  5. foot massage is a foot massage. Foot Massage is referred to as a preliminary game before sex.

Events that lead to the appearance of a foot fetish

Any fetish is a deviation that has its own reasons. The appearance of a foot fetish can be caused by:

  1. All first experiences are often associated with the image of the mother. If the child often saw the naked feet of the mother or did a foot massage, he may become attracted to the foot fetish.
  2. Memories from kindergarten and school, which are associated with seen bare feet or peeped foot massages, also cause an attraction to the foot fetish of women’s legs.
  3. If women were not available to a boy during puberty, then he could only look at their most accessible part of the body – their legs. The feet are the most exposed part of the body, so the boys can easily observe it.

Foot care before foot fetish classes

Foot fetish activities require special foot care. It is necessary to use various creams and baths that will soften the skin and make it velvety. Be sure to get rid of pimples. A neat pedicure and tan will add attractiveness to the legs. If your boyfriend licks his toes, then always paint your nails the day before toenails – the smell of varnish is unpleasant for men.

Proper foot care will make your foot fetish even more enjoyable.