He saw it in porn and offered to try it, you may not immediately understand where such an idea came from, but agreed. She put on a short skirt, high-heeled boots and let herself be “raped”, bending over the dining table to the “plumber” who came. It was exciting and a little bit funny, you both liked it. The next time he offered to tie you up, then he wanted you to tie him up, there was another case when he persuaded you to go to the cinema without panties in a short skirt and touched you there during the session. You have also tried anal sex, of course, this is almost part of the mandatory program. One day you went to Berlin and he suggested going to a swing club…


In short, he draws all his ideas for sex from porn. He watches it every evening, porn is his home. And what to do with it? Is this normal?

The debate over porn in the past couple of years has been almost as fierce as that of prostitution. Last year, the Pornhub portal celebrated its 10th anniversary and summed up some results. It turned out that the site’s audience consists of 74% of men and 26% of women, that 81 million visitors come to Pornhub per day, and viewers make 24.7 billion requests per year, which can be translated into 50,000 requests per minute or 800 – per second. This is the same as the number of hamburgers sold per second in all McDonalds in the world.

One American survey in 2012 showed that 41% of women and 76% of men watch porn once a month or more, and 19% of women and 58% of men watch porn at least once a week.

Whether it is good or bad, but porn with humanity is serious and for a long time. In recent times, there has even been a rise in “ethical porn” for consumers concerned about exploitation of man by man and the dubious status of porn stars – especially after the media began to publish stories of violence against porn actresses on the set.



The global trends tracked by Pornhub’s query statistics are as follows: Users’ sexual queries are increasingly becoming “perverted”. In English, the term “kink” is used without a negative connotation, which has no direct analogue in Russian. “Kink” is a certain feature that excites sexually. Sex in handcuffs or in clothes, hand-feeding strawberries or public sex – “kinks” are different for everyone. Russian Pornhub users, for example, most often ask to see them “big tits”, “anal sex”, “hentai”, “double penetration”, “MILF” and porn cartoons. Cosplay is also popular – when porn actors portray characters from a series, movie or book.


It seems natural to assume that acting out porn scripts should enliven and make a couple’s sex life much more incendiary.

Is it so in practice? Yes, as long as the couple’s sexual preferences are the same.

If a girl has to adapt to her boyfriend’s fantasies, because he does not recognize another option for sex, and these games do not excite her herself, then she feels used. As a result, she loses self-respect.

Why would you want a relationship that harms your self-esteem?

Another side effect of excessive porn addiction may seem comical, but it has a catastrophic effect on family life: a man generally ceases to want “normal” sex. He’s lazy. He only gets up on Miu Khalifa.


“I call him to bed, and he says that he will sit still. When he comes to sleep, he no longer needs sex with me, because he is more interested in jerking off to porn than having sex in real life, ”women complain on anonymous forums.

Well, okay, if you’re twenty and it’s just a boyfriend, you can leave and forget, let him satisfy himself under the sighs of Sasha Gray further. And if we are talking about a husband in a family with children? Leaving seems too harsh a decision, but try six months after giving birth to compete with busty porn stars with their always parted mouths, hinting that they are ready to suck anywhere and as much as you want!

Like any spice that spices up a dish, porn is good in moderation. It’s one thing – once a month to dress up as a sexy nurse and come to the call to the “sick”. Another is when your entire sex life is subject to the latest Pornhub trends and comparing you to pornstars is used to push your boundaries and force you to be something you don’t want to be. It’s no better if your boyfriend or husband cheats on you with a porn site on the sly. This… this hurts.


And no, watching porn every night is not normal. A relatively small percentage of people watch porn every day. If your boyfriend is one of them, this is a signal of serious problems.

Solution? It is standard: talk about it. You are a couple. There should be no taboo topics in a couple. Discuss with him your (and not just his) sexual preferences.

If a man refuses to understand your desires, take a closer look: maybe he is not only a porn addict, but also an idiot?!

Author: Masha Norris