“If a man is properly turned on before sex, his body will respond quickly, and the orgasm will be much more violent,” promises sex expert Dr. Gloria Brame. In addition, foreplay before your first sex with this partner will allow both of you to relax and get to know each other better. What preludes before sex excite men? Here are five maneuvers for passionate foreplay that will have him begging you to get down to business.


Technique 1: Let him see you – the most beautiful foreplay before sex

Let him admire how his gift is released from the packaging. “The biochemistry of the male brain changes when exposed to seductive images,” Brame says. “So show him yourself, awaken desire in him.”

Lay him down on the bed and sit on top. While he is helpless and disarmed, slowly take off one piece of clothing. To tease him, give him a glimpse of your chest, buttocks, upper thighs, and then hide them again. When you finally start pulling your panties off, do it excruciatingly slowly. When you finally get naked, tease him by squirming with your whole body, arching your back, lightly brushing your chest over his face and chest. He will languish with impatience to finally cuddle you to him. Whether this will be a long prelude, determine for yourself, you know your partner and feel his desires. And by filming this foreplay before sex on video, you can turn on a man even at a distance (the main condition is trust and safety).


K., aged 22: “My girlfriend undressed and sat me down in front of a huge mirror. Then she said: “Only without hands!” And she began to undress me. Watching her and not being able to possess her was sweet torture.

Let him look, but don’t let him touch you. Expectation is a powerful motivator. And sex with foreplay is much more fantastic than usual.

Technique 2: Caress before sex – use the breath

Hold your parted lips over his body, such as his belly or chest, and then exhale slowly. A simple and gentle foreplay before sex, which can easily turn into a passionate game. “The flow of hot air touching his skin will make him feel the contrast of temperatures and increase arousal,” says Dr. Eva Cadell.



K., 29: “My friend does this when she licks my neck: the wet touch of her tongue is accompanied by her warm breath. And sometimes she alternately licks my nipples, then blows on them, as if cooling. It’s just chic!”

Now he will certainly want something sharper. Slowly descend to his intimate places, expose them and blow, as if extinguishing a candle: let the circles of cold air tickle his penis. The feeling of cool air on hot skin will prolong his arousal, so foreplay before sex can increase the time of the process itself.

Technique 3: Be active

During foreplay, most women prefer to be seduced slowly and gradually. But men are more likely to like a more determined approach. “Men are turned on when there is something animal in a woman, and her goal is to get maximum pleasure. They take it as a sign that she is exhausted from lust, and she likes it just like they do, ”said Braim. Therefore, they like it if she sometimes takes the reins. Foreplay before sex for men sometimes has to be aggressive and very passionate.


Kiss him for real.

N., 31: “My fiancée takes my tongue in her mouth and sucks it. I swear, her movements give me right in the groin.

Forget about gentle foreplay before sex! Take matters into your own hands, literally: physically move him into whatever position you choose, run your nails down his back, and fight back when he tries to take over. For example, if he makes such a movement, as if he is going to lower himself and caress you with his tongue, lift him up, turn him over on his back and stand over him: let him caress, but you will be in an active position. It is unlikely that he will refuse to cede authority to you.

Technique 4: Sex with foreplay – torment him with anticipation of intimate touch

Men get surprisingly sensitive when they’re in bed, and we’re not just talking about how he’s hurt by being compared to your ex. Do not think that all of his erogenous zones are concentrated just below the waist. And instead of immediately taking caress of his secret places, get close to them from afar. Massage, scratch, stroke anywhere – but not there. After such a caress as a prelude to intimacy, sex will be vivid and memorable.



D., 29: “I was sure that the only place my boyfriend would want to be touched was between his legs, but when I pinned him to the mattress and started kneading his buttocks and sucking on his earlobes, he was crazy about it.” .

Technique 5: Drive him around the edge

And finally, let’s remember the start-stop trick, which is great as a foreplay before sex. “By teasing your boyfriend mercilessly and almost bringing him to climax a few times, you will eventually give him a much more intense orgasm,” Dr. Brame says.

Move your lips around the area of ​​his genitals. Remember that the entire area from the upper thigh to the lower abdomen is very sensitive. Your mouth, in such promising proximity, will excite him, but will not allow him to reach the climax yet.


Read his body language to know when he’s on edge. When he tenses up with his whole body, you know that he is ready. If you don’t want him to come yet, switch your attention to another sensitive point. Such a prelude before sex allows a woman to take the initiative in her own hands in a literal sense. And when you decide it’s time… Well, you know what to do next.

Foreplay before sex using foreplay props he loves (and hates)

Men talk about toys that turn them on or are already tired.

What men like in foreplay before sex

  • Cameras. “A girl I dated took a Polaroid of herself while we were in the ‘she’s on top’ pose. I still keep this gift. — M., 26
  • Wigs. “My friend put on a wig and pretended she wasn’t her. I’m so turned on!” — D., 22
  • Stockings in a grid. “When my fiancée demanded that I tie her hands with stockings before I pleased her, I didn’t mind.” — H., 27
  • Pomade. “My girlfriend makes dirty writing all over my body, then we erase it.” — D., 20


What men don’t like about foreplay before sex

  • Chocolate syrup. “It’s only tempting in theory, but I’m tired of getting suspicious brown stains out of my bedding.” — D., 21
  • Aroma candles. “This vanilla stuff reminds me of my grandma’s apartment!” — K., 19
  • High heels. “I don’t know what kind of movies you watch, but in general it hurts like hell when you step on your buttocks or abs with a hairpin.” — V., 30
  • Sex creams. “They may smell good, but they taste like strychnine. You touch her body with your lips – and then you can not get rid of this taste. — T., 22