1. King of erotica

A passionate look straight into your eyes, heated conversations, his hands scurry all over your body … Such a lover captures emotional nuances better than most.

Warning: if a guy considers sexual prowess to be his main skill and is no longer strong in anything, he may have serious problems with self-esteem if something makes him doubt this advantage of his. Therefore, it is necessary to refuse such a partner in sex very carefully. If today you are tired and not in the mood, emphasize that he is a sex giant, you are just a little out of shape now, but you will be happy to deal with it later.

2. Slow and sweet

If your boyfriend loves hugs, gentle kisses, soft strokes, it does not mean that he is old fashioned. It means he is very attached to you.

Pay attention: he can be too cautious and not particularly impulsive. If you want to stir him up, suggest spontaneous sex, a new position, or a new place where you haven’t made love yet (What about that chair in the corner? What about leaning against that wall over there?).

3. Unpredictable

Is your boyfriend a surprise person who likes to sneak into your shower, blindfold you, or roll you into a new pretzel position? He is quite comfortable in your relationship, he feels relaxed and confident in them. This is a man of broad views, open to everything new, and he wants to develop and improve himself – whether we are talking about new sexual techniques or traveling to unknown distances.

But be aware: if he forces you to do something that you do not want, this no longer speaks of his advancement, but of elementary disrespect. If his proposal does not delight you, then offer him something in return that does not cause you inner protest.

4. Fast and furious

If his intimate style is reminiscent of an action movie scene (tough, tense, minimal romance), then he may be using sex to relieve stress. Therefore, help him relax before you move on to caresses, otherwise you can’t call it caress. Ride bikes or play video games. By letting off steam, he can be more tender in bed.

Another option: he might just be old fashioned. After all, this masculine kind of sex is just a template for how a man supposedly “should” behave. It shows other typical features of the alpha male: ambitiousness, the desire to control everything. If you also like to dominate, then you will have to take turns being on top.


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