1. Back

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Girl thinks: “Oh, mommy, God forbid he notices my cellulite! And in general – I have a sirloin, probably from the Moon!

Guy thinks: “That’s a great butt! So I would take it and not let go for an hour. ”

2. Hips

Girl thinks: “Why didn’t we turn off the lights? Now he will notice that I have a spider vein here, and here I have an ugly mole and priest’s ears.

Guy thinks: “How cool that we left the light and I can admire everything to my heart’s content. It’s so exciting!”

3. Belly

Girl thinks: “And why did I decide to be on top? He must be looking at me now and thinking that with a freshly eaten dinner in my stomach, I look like a pregnant woman!

Guy thinks: “Why I love this pose: firstly, you don’t have to do anything special, and secondly, it’s so cool to watch how her breasts bounce rhythmically!”

4. Bust

Girl thinks: “I wonder if he noticed that I have a hair here that I did not have time to pluck out?”

Guy thinks: “I wonder if she noticed that I was staring at her magnificent breasts all the time?”

5. Legs

Girl thinks: “How can I keep them so that it is not noticeable that they are not perfectly slender?”

Guy thinks: “Yes, baby, yes! Take them even higher! That’s it, good!”

6. Back

Girl thinks: “You shouldn’t have agreed to this pose and turned your back on him – suddenly a pimple jumped up there, but I don’t see!”

Guy thinks: “How I like that she has no extra complexes and you can have sex with her in any position! How lucky I am with my girl!”


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