Self-satisfaction is a part of the life of many teenagers and adults, and now no one can be frightened by the fact that “the hair on their arms will grow.” If it doesn’t hurt anyone, then it’s okay. A recent survey in the UK showed what women think about at such moments.

1. Fantasies

54% of respondents think about their sexual fantasy: about what they want in bed, about having sex with someone other than a partner…


2. Adult content

35% of people remember episodes from porn movies or adult videos.

3. Toys

88% of respondents admitted that they have a vibrator, and 41% – a dildo. These toys are also used for masturbation.

4. Past experience

24% recall intimate episodes from old relationships. This is all the more useful if the person is currently alone.

5. Erotic literature

It helps develop “sexual imagination”, which is why 15% of women read such stories to get turned on.

6. Music

But music at such moments is needed only by 4% of the respondents, although, of course, it is unlikely to interfere with anyone.