What caresses do men like?

What kind of caresses do men like

It is known that men and women have not only different physiology, but also psychology. And this means that what women like is not necessarily pleasant for men. Let’s try to figure out what kind of caresses men like, on which erogenous zones you should focus your attention in order to give your lover maximum pleasure.

How to caress a man?

You can give pleasure not only with your lips, but also with the help of whispering, fingertips. It is worth noting that when choosing sensitive places, it will not be superfluous to remember that men have a low pain threshold compared to women.

So, let’s take a closer look at the recommendations that help you understand where to caress your beloved man is best.

  1. Face. Many men like it when the woman they love touches their face. Whisper something in his ear, then bite lightly. The lips are the most sensitive area on the face. Oddly enough, but every man loves kisses on the lips. Touch your partner’s lips with both your tongue and your fingertips.
  2. Arms. A large number of nerve endings are located on the hands. It is worth remembering that caressing a beloved man should be holding hands. Stroke your hand at the fold line. A massage for a loved one will not be superfluous.
  3. Breast. Many books and articles have been written about what kind of affection men like best. Many of them note that the male physiology of the chest is a bit similar to the female. In the stronger sex, it is not very sensitive, but it can be warmed up, actively where to caress the beloved manstimulating her. We recommend that you do a light massage, and then move on to caressing the nipples, etc. Feeling that they have become harder, switch to the shoulders, lower back, sides. After that, return to the chest again.
  4. Waist and back. In passionate impulses, squeeze the male back, scratching it a little. With this action, you let your partner know that he is doing everything right.
  5. Oral caresses are obligatory in the sexual menu. For men, pleasure comes from the pace of the movements, but not their variety. It needs to be increased gradually. Don’t completely grab your partner’s body. But do not forget that by squeezing the lower part of the organ, you delay the production of sperm, which means that you prolong the onset of the final.

Men, like women, need foreplay. Do not be in a hurry, rush to have sex. Be mindful of what your man likes and doesn’t like.