1. Surrounding areas

Stimulate areas close to the penis: pubis, inner thighs. If he doesn’t mind, you can massage your perineum with two fingers.


2. Sensitive lip contour

The buccal (buccal) nerve, which runs around the contour of the lips, is an excellent area for stimulation during kissing. Many people pay attention to the lips themselves, but they forget about this area. If you gently run the pad of your finger around the lips, as if applying a liner, you will feel a slight tingling sensation. To benefit from this zone, you do not need to lick his face – this is strange. Kiss him as usual, and then run the tip of your tongue along the edge of his upper lip. Lean back and kiss him again, and then draw a line along the bottom lip. And he can do the same in return!

3. Nipples

Women also have difficulties with this zone, when the partner does not seem to notice it, and for men it is generally uncharted territory. And completely in vain. For example, you can show him how to caress your own breasts. Lightly bite your nipples, touch them with your tongue, tap – do everything to make it pleasant.


4. Hollow just below the neck

The place where the neck meets the body is special. Here the skin is thinner, so the sensations are sharper. Touching this area is very pleasant! Kiss him on the neck, gradually descend, run the pads of your thumb and middle finger from the shoulder to the hollow, performing circular movements. Then kiss him in this area, warming it with your breath. The combination of warmth and touch relaxes the body and awakens passion, experts say.

5. Low back

There are many nerve endings in this area, which means there is a great potential for excitement. You can start with a massage, drawing spirals with light movements. Even light touches create goosebumps all over the body. An interesting twist – touching not with your fingers, but with your cheek or hair, this will be an unusual experience for both of you.


6. Inner thigh

Here, too, a lot of nerves converge, so you should not ignore this zone, but it is better to leave it for dessert. Lick your finger and slowly draw a line with it from mid-thigh up. Then repeat this trajectory with your tongue. The skin here is sensitive, so pay attention to his reaction.