Vaginoplasty - indications for surgery and methods

In gynecological practice, vaginal plastic surgery has been carried out for a long time, contributing to the solution of many problems, both physiological and aesthetic. There are many different indications for the procedure, which is implemented in several ways.

Vaginoplasty – indications

There is a certain list of indications for which surgical intervention is recommended:

  • pain during sexual intercourse;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • lack of orgasm;
  • release of involuntary gases;
  • omission of the walls of the vagina and others.

Intimate plastic surgery of the vagina is performed when a layer of connective tissue with increased density is formed due to damage. This becomes a kind of barrier to muscle contraction, which results in an expansion of the diameter of the organ or its excessive narrowing. If left unattended, the situation will worsen, leading to more serious consequences.

Intimate contour plastic

This procedure is understood as a full-fledged direction of aesthetic medicine, with the help of which a large number of problems are solved. Vaginal contouring involves the introduction of special preparations at specific points. Thanks to this, it is possible to correct the deformation, improve the condition of the tissues and rejuvenate them. In most cases, vaginal contouring is used to achieve the following results:

  1. Improving the elasticity and density of tissues of organs that become flabby, for example, after rapid weight loss, childbirth, due to hormonal failure or age-related changes.
  2. Increasing tissue nutrition, getting rid of dryness and increasing mucosal moisture due to the normalization of water balance or metabolic processes.

Vaginal contouring is often used as an adjunct to other plastic surgeries. Its goal is a more subtle correction and improvement of tissue healing during the rehabilitation period. The procedure involves superficial anesthesia, and then injections of hyaluronic acid are made. It is performed individually, and if necessary, additional correction or a second procedure can be carried out, since after a while hyaluronic acid will be absorbed and excreted from the body in a natural way.

intimate contour plastic


Surgery is called colporrhaphy, which involves only one part of the vagina.

  1. front wall. The operation is aimed at reducing the mucous in order to reduce the volume of the vagina or to move the bladder to its correct position. Plastic surgery of the anterior wall of the vagina involves suturing. Use it to get rid of problems associated with urination and to improve sexual life.
  2. Back wall. The procedure is carried out with stretching of the wall, deformation of old scars and at the risk of uterine prolapse. Posterior colporrhaphy involves the excision of excess mucous membrane in order to restore the anatomy and reduce the organ.

Intimate plastic surgery of the narrowing of the vagina

The most popular procedure, which involves suturing the vestibule, is a part of the genital organs, which is a space bounded in front and above by the clitoris. Vaginoplasty with suturing of the perineum helps to cope with such troubles: loss of pleasure during intimacy, a feeling of internal pressure and heaviness in the lower abdomen, problems with urination, and so on. The procedure is carried out, and when tissue rupture occurs. To narrow the vagina, doctors may prescribe surgery, implant threads, or inject hyaluronic acid.

Intimate plastic surgery after childbirth

Many women face complications after childbirth, which can be eliminated with the help of surgery. Plastic surgery of intimate places is recommended for such reasons:

  1. Congenital features that are aggravated after the birth of a child.
  2. Changes in the structure of the genital organs, for example, weakness of the walls of the vagina. Due to the stretching of the muscle ring during sex, both the woman and the man stop enjoying themselves.
  3. Vaginoplasty is recommended for vaginal deformation caused by rupture of the walls and rough scarring.

intimate plastic surgery after childbirth

The reason for going to the doctor determines what the procedure will be:

  1. If the main complaint of a woman is dissatisfaction with the state of the external genital organs. To correct, the surgeon excise excess tissue and restore symmetry with the opposite side.
  2. If the problem is caused by muscle weakness, then conservative techniques can be used. All manipulations will be aimed at narrowing the genital gap, for which fillers are used. They can inject hyaluronic acid, as well as their own fat. In the second case, the effect of the procedure will last for a long time, unlike the acid, which is absorbed.
  3. If the violations are more pronounced, then to restore the muscular frame, a vaginal plastic surgery is performed, aimed at excision of the muscular membrane and further stitching of the walls. Another solution is needed when excising rough scars that form after problematic childbirth.

Vaginoplasty after uterus removal

With certain indicators, removal of the uterus may be prescribed, for example, this procedure is called a hysterectomy. When it is carried out, the ovaries and other organs can be cut out. As a result of this procedure, the muscles of the vagina become flabby, its walls become stretched, which negatively affects the sensations during physical intimacy. Intimate plastic surgery in women after removal of the uterus can be of two types:

  1. Volume reduction and restoration of tissue elasticity. To do this, the U-shaped zone of the vaginal walls is dissected, and then the muscles in this area are pulled together, stitching the excisions.
  2. The narrowing of the entrance to the vagina is carried out if there is no sagging. To do this, the doctor excises, and then sews a small fragment of the back wall. At the same time, the interior remains untouched.

How is a vaginal plasty done?

First, a woman who decides to carry out such a procedure undergoes a consultation and examination with a doctor. After that, tests are given to identify possible infections and hepatitis, as well as swabs for flora, blood and urine tests. Before surgery (vaginoplasty), an ECG and X-ray are performed. You need to consult with an anesthesiologist. Two weeks before the intervention, the doctor prescribes antibiotics and antiviral agents to prevent the development of complications. For a day it is recommended to refrain from heavy food, and on the day of the procedure you can not drink.

How is a vaginal plasty done?

Intimate plastic surgery with hyaluronic acid

With the help of injections, you can correct the intimate area without surgical intervention. For this, fillers are used, which have hyaluronic acid in their composition. These funds fill deformed places, which eventually become more elastic and attractive. Female intimate plastic surgery involves the introduction of a gel with a syringe. Before the procedure, the doctor must check if the patient is allergic to the selected drug.

Surgical plastic surgery of the vagina

Such a procedure lasts no more than an hour and as a result of the intervention, sutures are applied, which dissolve themselves. It is carried out approximately in the following way:

  • the area of ​​influence is processed;
  • anesthesia is introduced;
  • the mucous membrane inside the vagina is excised;
  • through the incision, the tissues are pulled together to the required volume;
  • stitches are applied.

Vaginal plastic surgery can be performed with threads – thread lifting, which removes existing defects. Specialists use absorbable threads. The main advantages of this procedure are: painlessness, speed, easy rehabilitation and long-term effect. The vagina narrows due to the fact that bidirectional threads are implanted into the walls, pulled together by mini-hooks located on the surface of synthetic fibers.

Laser plastic surgery of the vagina

Recently, laser rejuvenation has become widespread, in which problem areas are affected by a carbon dioxide laser. It warms the tissues and provokes the production of collagen, due to which the tissues become elastic again. Such plastic surgery of the vagina in gynecology takes place on an outpatient basis and lasts no more than half an hour. Results can be obtained after the first procedure. The advantages of laser correction include:

  1. The procedure does not cause side effects and complications.
  2. The laser acts deeply, moisturizing the mucous membrane and tightening the muscles.
  3. The impact narrows the vagina, eliminates incontinence associated with muscle weakness.

laser plastic surgery of the vagina

Recovery after rhinoplasty

It all depends on the individual characteristics of the body, but in most cases, rehabilitation lasts 1.5-2 months. Doctors warn that one should not believe those who promise a complete absence of recovery and any restrictions. After vaginal plastic surgery, rehabilitation includes:

  1. After the operation, rest and bed rest are important for five days, so many remain in the hospital.
  2. For a month it is forbidden to walk and sit for a long time.
  3. It is recommended to reduce physical activity, not to play sports and not to lift something more than 5 kg.
  4. During the day, you should refrain from eating, and for several months you should not eat foods that provoke gas formation and constipation.

Hygiene after rhinoplasty

Proper hygiene and suture care is of great importance in rehabilitation. Wash your face after urinating and defecation. Within 14 days, baths, saunas and warm baths should be abandoned. If plastic surgery of the intimate area was performed, then consider the following rules for caring for the seams:

  1. After each urination, treatment with an antiseptic solution is important.
  2. To accelerate healing and exclude inflammatory processes, wipes with Levomekol ointment can be applied to the seams.
  3. For quick recovery and speedy healing within 14 days, the doctor prescribes suppositories.

Discharge after rhinoplasty

A woman may have a slight discharge with blood for some time. It is important to consider that if three filled large pads had to be changed in a day, then this already indicates bleeding. This is a signal to go to the doctor. The help of a specialist is needed if, after the plastic surgery of the vagina, the discharge has pus. The operating areas should be treated with an aqueous solution of Chlorhexidine.

Pain after rhinoplasty

Discomfort and moderate pain will accompany the woman for 14 days. To reduce discomfort, the doctor prescribes painkillers. It is important to bear in mind that after specific operations, for example, if the uterus was attached to the pelvic bones, pain may become permanent, which is explained by irritation of the periosteum. Pain is affected by stitches after vaginal plastic surgery, and the larger they are, the greater the discomfort.

pain after rhinoplasty

Sex after rhinoplasty

For proper rehabilitation and the elimination of complications for two months, doctors recommend excluding sex. During the first month, normal intimate arousal can affect successful healing. The thing is that increased blood circulation in the genitals provokes swelling, due to which the seams can open. If the recovery went well after the vaginal plastic surgery, then no problems should arise in the future, but some women still feel slight pain during sex. It is recommended to use an intimate gel.

Vaginoplasty – complications

Intimate operations are common and well-established, so serious complications are extremely rare. The consequences of such an intervention are more pronounced during the first week of rehabilitation. In order for the vaginal plastic surgery not to lead to negative consequences, it is worth following all the instructions of the doctors. Possible complications:

  1. During the week, slight spotting and a slight increase in temperature are possible.
  2. Painful sensations are normal, and in most cases they persist for two weeks. To get rid of discomfort, doctors prescribe painkillers.
  3. After surgery, hematomas form, which disappear without prescribing additional therapy. If their area increases and pain occurs, then you need to urgently consult a doctor.
  4. Within a week after the plastic surgery of the vagina, swelling may occur, which goes away by itself.
  5. Given the individual characteristics of the body, it is possible for tissue to grow in the area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe sutures, so scars can form.