Type one: mother

This type of woman usually does not attract much attention to herself: a woman-mother from early youth looks very mature and behaves accordingly. You won’t meet her at the club at 5 o’clock in the morning, but at 6 in the morning she can wake up and start spring cleaning – then there will be no time. A mother is responsible, caring and generous. True, not everyone manages to discern these virtues of her, because outwardly a mother woman prefers not to stand out: she is actually of little interest in how she looks. She is even less worried about the fact that her hobbies may seem boring to someone. She still will not stop planting flowers, making jam and cross-stitching. The second subtype of a woman-mother is “our mymra”: an imperious and stern business woman who controls her subordinates with an iron fist. Strict maternal hand.

Type two: sister woman

A woman-sister is the most versatile type: this is a “girl from a neighboring entrance”, and “a guy of your own” and even a “fatal woman”, but not the one that attracts men with her bright beauty, but the one that men follow in herds because no one else understands them as well as she does. The female sister has a sharp mind and an amazing sense of humor, and she believes that these qualities are quite enough. Therefore, a woman-sister can look like anything: she can only wear jeans and sneakers and despise makeup, or she can dress and paint in an emphatically fashionable way. The main thing that remains unchanged in her image is the feeling of freedom. Because inner freedom is the main thing for her, and she strives to express it externally. Her hobbies and lifestyle also speak of this.

Type three: woman-daughter

The classic “girl-girl” who does not want to decide anything, but wants a dress. The woman-daughter looks and dresses emphatically feminine, so that no one, bring the universe, would doubt that she is a gentle fairy. Her interests are concentrated in two planes: beauty and love. She knows everything about fashion and cosmetics and takes care of herself fanatically. She is a little childish and interested mainly in herself. But at the same time, she is, as a rule, a skilled manipulator: a woman-daughter literally instinctively knows which buttons to press in order to get someone to do what she wants.


Type one: male father

Classic “daddy”. Likes to feel like a patron and benefactor, take care and be responsible. Male fathers usually take care of everything from earning money to walking the dog in the morning. It’s easy for them. They like it. Because that way you can keep everything under control.

Type two: male brother

A staunch supporter of equal relations: he does not seek to dominate, but he himself does not want to obey. The key word in a relationship is “together”. It is important for him to see in his partner his best friend, a woman with whom there is always something to talk about and something to do together. And everything else, by and large, is secondary.

Type three: male son

A typical “eternal child” is an infantile gouging head in the clouds. The man-son is charming, it’s fun to be with him, he is the soul of any company and a “perpetual motion machine”. At the same time, he is almost unable to ensure a tolerable existence for himself: he does not stay at any job for a long time (it’s boring and the boss is certainly an idiot, but what about), he prefers to live with his parents or in a rented apartment in the company of the same gouging.

Now let’s check what happens when all these people fall in love and start a relationship.

Mother woman and father man

Men-fathers usually do not notice such women – they like bright young ladies, and a woman-mother can look anything, but not bright. But she is quite capable of falling in love with a male father. To fall in love in order to endure a break after a while: a man-father does not tolerate when the steering wheel is torn out of his hands, and a woman-mother wants to steer herself. In addition, her tender care seems suffocating to a male father: he does not need any care at all. At all.

Mother woman and man brother

A couple in which the man yearns and suffocates from the routine, and the woman feels unhappy, because the man all the time demands something from her: to “take care of herself”, develop, share his diverse interests and finally break away from pots and children’s pots. If she tries to do this, life resources quickly end, and the woman-mother files for divorce, because without a man-brother it is really much easier for her to live, even if she was financially dependent on him.

Woman sister and man father

This is a very dangerous story! The female sister does not tolerate the slightest restriction of freedom, and the male father seeks to dominate and desires submission. An extremely explosive cocktail, which, fortunately, is rarely mixed: female sisters usually refer to “daddies” with a certain amount of disgust. In their opinion, a person who is able to desire power in a relationship definitely has serious problems with the emotional sphere.

Woman sister and man son

These people often find each other and instantly fall in love: a woman-sister, who values ​​freedom above all, easily starts a relationship with a man-son, who generally lives one day. True, these relationships end as quickly as they begin. A sister woman does not have the slightest desire to invest in a relationship without receiving anything in return – no support, no understanding. This is the case when a woman explains the gap with the wording “I don’t need an extra thirty-year-old child.”

Woman daughter and man brother

Hard case. First of all, for a woman. A man-brother is easily carried away by the beauty of a woman-daughter, and she, in turn, is able to manipulate him as she pleases. The problem is that it only works at the stage of falling in love. As soon as these two begin a serious relationship, the woman-daughter finds herself in a vulnerable position: the man-brother considers her a “suitcase without a handle”, which is both hard to carry and a pity to leave. He wants an equal relationship, she wants unconditional care for her, like a little girl.

Woman daughter and man son

parallel universes. The woman-daughter considers the man-son a miserable loser, he considers her a mercantile and soulless person. Relationships are practically impossible: literally from the first meeting, the woman-daughter pours contempt on the man-son, the same one falls into aggression in response. Often uncontrollable. Like a three-year-old child who rolls on the floor in a store because they didn’t buy a beautiful toy for him.

All these relationships are most likely doomed: even if you manage to save them (at the cost of the incredible efforts of both partners), you still won’t have to talk about cloudless happiness. So do perfect couples even exist? Yes. And there are only three of them.

Mother woman and man son

Relationships where everyone is comfortable. A mother woman fully realizes her desire to take care of her partner and at the same time control him. Most likely, she will bring the main income to the family, she will also take care of the household and the upbringing of children. She will also refer to her husband as “children”: this is the case when a woman is sure that her husband will disappear without her and starve to death in front of a full refrigerator, because he has no idea how to warm up his soup.

A man-son in such a relationship will finally be able to somehow realize himself: a responsible mother will make sure that he once again does not lose his job out of stupidity, does not spend money on nonsense and does not hang out with bad boys. For good behavior, she will encourage him, which is why the man-son will finally feel some kind of self-confidence.

Woman sister and man brother

The very case when “we are back to back at the mast, against a thousand together” (c). This is an equal partnership in which everyone feels supported. These two, first of all, are friends with each other, are kind to the partner’s personal space and know that in any case they can count on support. They have a common worldview and similar interests, they feel that their couple is a well-coordinated mechanism that will function smoothly until one of its parts tries to dominate. But she will not try, of course, because respect for inner freedom, her own and that of her partner, is a basic value for both.

Woman daughter and man father

And again, a relationship in which everyone gets what they want: the male father gets the power. He likes to understand that a woman-daughter without him is literally unable to survive. She does not know how to earn money and hardly even imagines that you need to pay monthly for an apartment. The woman-daughter receives boundless care and fulfillment of her little whims. A father man likes to constantly pamper his partner, her pure, childish delight at these moments allows him to feel omnipotent. And despite the fact that it is the man-father in this pair who looks like the main one, the woman-daughter, as a rule, simply cleverly manipulates him, always getting her own way. And it suits both of them.


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